Citizen Khan

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  • Season 3
    • A Khan Family Christmas
      Sitcom following the trials and tribulations of self-appointed Muslim community leader Mr Khan and his long-suffering family. It is Christmas Eve, 10 months after Shazia and Amjad's wedding. Mr Khan is feeling extremely festive because he has been given the honour of placing the star on top of the Sparkhill interfaith Christmas tree. When the whole family gathers at the Khan house to head out to the ceremony, it turns out that Shazia has other plans. A frantic chain of events is set in motion.moreless
    • The Wedding
      The Wedding
      Episode 6
      The day of the wedding of Mr Khan's daughter Shazia to 'pakora short of a picnic' Amjad has finally arrived, but all is not well in the Khan household. Mrs Khan is still upset that Shazia has opted for a British-Asian fusion affair, rather than a big, fat, traditional Pakistani wedding. Then, Shazia won't let her help with the organization and when Shazia refuses to wear a matriarchal family heirloom, it all gets too much - Mrs Khan refuses to go to the wedding, and instead takes a shift at the supermarket. So, with Amjad in tow, it's up to Mr Khan to get his wife back on side. But, of course, in Mr Khan's world things aren't that simple. As a result, Amjad goes missing, Shazia's mother-in-law-to-be Mrs Malik makes a startling revelation, and thanks to Mr Khan there's a very near miss at the ceremony.moreless
    • Stags and Hens
      Stags and Hens
      Episode 5
      It is the day of Shazia's hen do, and she is looking forward to having some fun with her friends. Unfortunately, though, she ends up with a few extra guests in tow. Mr Khan reluctantly agrees to organise Amjad's stag do, which inadvertently involves an Imam returning from missionary work. While Shazia finds herself bombarded by everyone's stories of the horrors of married life, back at the house, Amjad is put in a compromising position. And when the two parties collide, the wedding is left hanging in the balance.moreless
    • Farmer Khan
      Farmer Khan
      Episode 4
      Sitcom following the trials and tribulations of self-appointed Muslim community leader Mr Khan and his long-suffering family. When Mrs Khan announces she is running a stall at the local city farm to promote the supermarket's new organic range, Mr Khan could not be any less interested. Everyone who is anyone has been invited to a royal reception in Birmingham, but he has not had an invitation. When he discovers that Prince Charles maybe dropping in to the city farm, he sees a chance to get his invite directly from the source. He discovers that he won't even get close unless he can impress the formidable head of the welcoming committee, Marina Fairchild.moreless
    • Aunty Noor
      Aunty Noor
      Episode 3
      Mrs Khan takes on more shifts at the local supermarket, leaving Mr Khan in charge of the house. He introduces strict new house rules and sends his younger daughter Alia to a London mosque for work experience. Never one to miss out on a bargain, he then abuses Mrs Khan's staff discount card at the supermarket to become the local nappy dealer. When Alia returns from London with Mrs Khan's domineering sister, Aunty Noor, Noor threatens to reveal Mr Khan's scam.moreless
    • The In-Laws
      The In-Laws
      Episode 2
      Sitcom following the trials and tribulations of self-appointed Muslim community leader Mr Khan and his long-suffering family. Shazia and Amjad's wedding is fast approaching. Mr and Mrs Khan's relationship with Amjad's mother, Mrs Malik, has always been fractious at best, and Mr Khan sees Mr Malik as his fast track onto a local business committee. When they invite the Maliks to the house for a dinner party, the Khans pull out all the stops to impress their guests - Mrs Khan is whipping up a storm in the kitchen and Mr Khan has got a new suit, organised parlour games and even has a new piece of furniture to show off. But when Mr Khan receives an unexpected phone call, any future the two families have together sits on a knife edge.moreless
    • Naani's Return
      Naani's Return
      Episode 1
      When the family arrives back from a trip to Pakistan with Mr Khan's mother-in-law in tow, Mr Khan is lumbered with looking after her. Then a miracle happens: she announces she wants to move into a home. When Sam - the head of a local care centre - arrives, Mr Khan is over the moon. That is, until he discovers the mother-in-law may be worth some money. With the help of son-in-law-to-be Amjad, a ridiculous disguise and a spying mission, Mr Khan tries to stop Naani moving out at all costs...moreless
  • Season 2
  • Season 1
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