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City Confidential

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Tour the city; meet the people; hear the stories; feel the impact. Every city has a tale to tell--stories that uniquely reflect its essence. Each week CITY CONFIDENTIAL® goes deep into the heart of a city, no matter how small or large, and explores in-depth, the mysterious, the bizarre, funny and human elements inherent in each region. CITY CONFIDENTIAL® reveals fascinating characters, places and stories that are anything but ordinary. With its lush cinematography, and its insightful interviews and reporting, CITY CONFIDENTIAL® gets to the heart of the story. Oscar-nominated Paul Winfield's exceptional narration adds a distinct element that gives viewers a profile of the rich history that exists behind, and beneath, every city. This is a true-life documentary series with an attitude.
Paul Winfield

Paul Winfield


Keith David

Keith David

Current Narrator (as of Mr. Paul Winfield's passing in March of 2004)

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  • City country city

    This show is one of the most creative and ingenious viewings on television. My family did not know it existed when it ran originally with Paul Winfield and Keith David. Now, thanks to re-runs, we would not miss an episode. I refer to it as 'City Country City' because it covers such a variety of geographic and demographic locations. Learning about all of the underpinnings of the different towns, cities, urban and suburban vicinities is fascinating.moreless
  • Hooked

    I started watching this show as reruns, so I know I'm late to the party. It's interesting hearing about these things happening in cities around the country - things you never think will happen where you live, but this show sure reminds you that it can!
  • Great show!!!

    This is one of the best shows in A & E's line up. I just wish they would make a few more new episodes. This show spotlights a different city or town in every episode and tells a story of crime and scandal that rocked them to the core.

    To be honest, you would think that after the years that this show has been on, that they would run out of source material. But every now and then I catch an episode that I have not seen before. The one's that I like the most are the one's that happened in cities or towns close to where I live.moreless
  • I call it informative enteratainment.

    City Confidential is a television viewers guide on some of the crazy mishaps that go on in the united states. Whether it's a tale of murder, adultery or even fraud the soothing voice of Paul Winfield informs and entertains its audience. I think it's main appeal is that it proves that not every town is perfect, and some are even more messed up than yours. That narration is what draws me in. Paul Winfield's voice always captures my attention, and makes me want to watch more so I can learn about the murderous mother in Macon, Georgia or the two professors who lost their lives in Hanover, New Hampshire. It takes the average american city, and makes it compelling and interesting.moreless
  • I like to call this show...Where not to live.

    I use to watch this show all the time when I had cable.

    Each episode a City is visited where a crime (usually murder) has taken place.

    The crimes featured usually take place in sleepy towns where they are not expected.

    The narrators voice (I can't think of his name right now) adds to the darkness of the show.

    A great program. I miss it very much.

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