City Guys

NBC (ended 2001)




Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • New Kids
      New Kids
      Episode 1
      The series opens with the arrival of Jamal Grant and Chris Anderson to Manny High School. Both make different entrances with Jamal paying guys to walk him to school as his posse and Chris driving his Dad's car. El Train warns Jamal that he's dead meat if he even thinks about painting over his graffiti. Chris learns about it and proceeds to paint over it. In the end they both get assigned to do a video year book for the school year.moreless
    • For the Love of Mother
      Chris' mom learns Manhattan High does not have a Music Department because of lack of money, she vows to throw a fundraiser at the Anderson home. When she learns of Jamal's musical talents, she invites him to headline the event. Chris, however, is jealous of the attention his mom pays Jamal. He tries to discredit Jamal by revealing Jamal's checkered school career. Chris and his mom argue at the fundraiser and he storms out of the house.moreless
    • Knicks Tickets
      Knicks Tickets
      Episode 3
      Shakespeare in the Park is playing the same time as Chris's Knicks and Lakers game. Chris and Jamal are expected to tape the play, but they get Dawn to tape the play. Meanwhile Cassidy, Jamal and Chris got to the game and get caught when Ms. Noble sees them on the tv. Chris and Jamal let Cassidy take the blame until they decide to admit the truth.moreless
    • The Package
      The Package
      Episode 4
      Alberto is delivering drugs for a drug dealer and doesn't know it. So the boys devise a plan to blackmail the dealer into leaving Alberto alone.
    • The Date
      The Date
      Episode 5
      The Spring Dance returns to Manny High. Chris tries to get Cassidy to go to the dance with him. She rejects him and Chris encounters Jamal's sister. He asks her to the dance without Jamal knowing about it. El Train wants to go to the dance with Cassidy and gets the nerve to ask her. Al wants to DJ at the party, but Dawn refuses until Al gets rid of the competition. Jamal doesn't like his sister going to the dance with Chris. He tells Kaisha that Chris is no good for her and she responds to telling him to let her make her own choices.moreless
    • The Communication Gap
      After getting into a fight with his father, Chris moves in with Jamal and his father. Chris soon realizes that not every father and son relationship is like his. Eventually Chris and his father settle their differences. Dawn and Cassidy ask Al if he has any "connections" on how to get tickets for an upcoming Jim Carrey movie.moreless
    • Red Ferrari
      Red Ferrari
      Episode 7
      Jamal convinces Chris to have a party and drive his father's car after Chris reveals that his parents forgot his birthday. However it is the complete opposite when they return home with a birthday celebration on their mind.
    • Rock the Vote
      Rock the Vote
      Episode 8
      Dawn and Cassidy both run for Student Council President with Jamal and Chris as their individual advisors. Dirty politics arise and even Alberto and El Train get tired of it and El Train decides to run at the last minute.
    • The Movie
      The Movie
      Episode 9
    • Future Shock
      Future Shock
      Episode 10
      Jamal reconsiders the value of spending time studying after his new friend, Charlie, a straight-A Manhattan High student, is killed by a drunk driver. But with the PSATs coming up in a few days, everyone tries to cope with the loss.
    • Easy Money
      Easy Money
      Episode 11
      Chris uses Jamal's skills at guessing the results of games and gets them both into trouble.
    • The College Girl
      The College Girl
      Episode 12
      Chris falls for an older woman. Afraid she'll dump him, Chris tells her that he's an under cover cop only to discover that she's his new student teacher.
    • Bye Mom
      Bye Mom
      Episode 13
      Karen goes to the hospital as a patient. While she is staying there, Jamal remebers the time of his mother's death and how Karen reminds him so much about his mother.
    • Old Friends
      Old Friends
      Episode 14
      One of Jamal's friends finally gets out of juvenile Hall and returns. He then proceeds to continue doing the things that led him to the hall in the first place. Meanwhile Chris is trying to finish the school project that he and Jamal were assigned to in the first episode.
  • Season 2
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