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  • Not classical at all...

    One good thing about City Guys is that there is more jokes and no cast changes at all. But there are some problems in the show to discuss about: 1) Annihilation 2) Did not add Alex Morris, who plays Billy, the new husband of principal Karen Noble and 3) The series finale was badly disorganized. If you like City Guys, please try "The Parkers" which is better than City Guys.
  • After school special!

    One of the more educational after school programming I used to watch, and one of the last. I regretted not taping any episodes. I really learned a lot from it. And it had an awesome cast, especially Wesley Jonathan, Scott Whyte, and Marcella Lowery. C-I-T-Y you can see why these guys the neat guys smart and street wise...
  • Saturday morning comedy . . . in the tradition of the greatest of that type, Saved by the Bell,in fact the same man that created Saved By the Bell and countless other teeny bopper comedies put his mark on this inner-city comedy where teens with behavior

    problems learned lifes lessons from a wise, matronly Principal named Miss Noble. There was nothing that deep about this show. It was basically take what you see humor, a little more depth than your average Saved by the Bell, with shows devoted to topics like sex and drug use, but really, not much more than your run of the mill teen pranks and plots. The El Train character as well as his BF AL were the bright spots on the show. Jamal and Chris were the intended main characters. This show worked because it did what it was meant to, entertained on a very superficial level the teen masses.
  • It's a show about friends living in the city who attend high school. And funny things happen. Love ya Katie

    I have no idea why they don't bring this show back. It's a million times better than the afternoon shows they have now. I used to come home from school and watch City Guys everyday and I was never disappointed. It was just plain good. I believe the show has even made me a better person today. I'm outgoing, funny, and nice, just like the characters in this show. Watching this show isn't an absolute must, but it's really good for when you have a little free time and want to get your mind off other things. If you want to see the show, I guess you'll have to hope someone burned it to dvd and sells it on ebay or something. I love you Katie.
  • A show about these inner city kids (Chris, Jamal, El Train, Al, etc) who attend this high school in New York City. They deal with problems in romance, friendships, and other issues such as alcohol, drugs, sex and other things. They look up to their princi

    I loved City Guys. I watched them every chance that I got. I miss this show. If I didn't watch anything else on Saturday morning, City Guys was the show. I especially loved the theme song for this show and knew the lyrics to the show. I wish that they would bring this show back on T.V. I miss the characters and the plots. It would be great to see this show again.
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