City Guys - Season 3

NBC (ended 2001)




Episode Guide

  • Mom on the Rocks
    Mom on the Rocks
    Episode 25
    Dawn is embarassed by her mom's drinking problem.
  • Harlem Honey
    Harlem Honey
    Episode 24
    Jamal creates an internet woman for his father. The problems start when his father wants to meet her. Jamal convinces Ms. Noble to pretend to be Harlem Honey. Mr. Grant and Ms. Noble fool Jamal into thinking that they really like each other.
  • Fast Time at Manny High
    Manny High is entered in a charity event. If the kids fast for one night, the Keeny company will donate $500 to feed the homeless, and $500 to Manny High. Everybody agrees to try the fast, but their commitment doesn't last long. El-train is caught smuggling in food, Al and Dawn are caught sneaking off to celebrate their anniversary, Cassidy is caught trying to turn in a re-written term paper, and Chris and Jamal are caught with food stains on their clothing, which indicates they sneaked out on a date. Noble is upset because the kids broke their commitment, and all the kids who fasted lost out on the $500. The gang apologizes, makes the rest of the student's breakfast, and arranges to fulfill the school's charitable obligation themselves.moreless
  • Party Like It's 1999
    The gang from Manhattan High prepare to celebrate New Year's Eve in Times Square. When they find out it has been closed off because of too many people, Chris and Al convince Dawn to use her spare keys and let them into the school so they can watch from the roof. While on the roof, the whole gang reminisces about the times they've spent together, until Miss Noble shows up, wanting to know why they broke into the schoolmoreless
  • Yoko Oh-No
    Yoko Oh-No
    Episode 21
    Jamal is getting too close to his new girlfriend and does whatever she wants to do.
  • Miracle on 134th Street and Lexington Avenue
    The gang is working at the NY Toy Co. for the Christmas holiday. Dawn and Chris go to deliver toys to the community center and meet Alison. They have a great time playing together, but realize that Alison and her mom need help. They decide to throw a Christmas party for Alison, her mom, and the rest of the center. At the party, Alison is sad and Chris and Dawn realize that Alison wants her dad back in her life. They find her father and convince him to come back to spend some time with Alison and her mother.moreless
  • El-Train in the Sky with Geena
    El-Train's girlfriend has a secret addiction. She steals from people to continue her drug habit.
  • Rollin' with the Homies
    The gang start working at a toy store and the owner wants Jamal and Chris to be friends with his son. His son, Tommy, is in a wheelchair don't like it when Jamal treats him different because of his disability.
  • Angels of Harlem
    Angels of Harlem
    Episode 17
    Ms. Noble's church is celebrating its 100th Anniversary, and Chris, Dawn and El-Train help out. They grow to love the church but are devastated when Noble tells them that the church is going to be torn down by Chris' dad's construction company, in order to build a mall. When Chris' attempts to reason with his dad fail, the gang joins in and creates a radio-a-thon to raise money to save the church. After this fails, Noble says there's nothing more to do, but Chris and Dawn chain themselves to the church. Chris' dad sees his dedication and decides to build the mall around the church. Noble learns tenacity and determination from the kids.moreless
  • Get Your Vote On
    Get Your Vote On
    Episode 16
    El-Train challenges Jamal by running against him in the school elections.
  • Funny Business
    Funny Business
    Episode 15
    It's career week at school and Chris and Jamal pick architect, but soon their boss Rebecca starts making seductive advances toward Chris. Chris is not sure if he can handle it, especially when she threatens to give him a poor grade if he doesn't accept her advances.
  • When Al Met Dawn
    When Al Met Dawn
    Episode 14
    Al and Dawn are getting along really well working together on a science project. They kiss. Dawn wants to keep their relationship a secret because of the Reality House cameras. Al agrees. Later, El-Train wants to go on a double date with Al. He is hesitant, but Dawn urges him to go. On the date, Dawn spies and sees the girl kiss Al. Dawn gets upset. She storms out on Al at the Science Fair. Ms. Noble talks with Dawn and helps her realize that she said "yes" but really meant "no." Dawn gets on the radio to apologize to Al for wanting him to be a mind reader. Al forgives her and they decide to have their relationship go public.moreless
  • Down and Out in Soho
    Dawn gets the group involved with helping foreigners adjust to life in America. One of the foreigners decides to take advantage of his new friends and steal from them. Meanwhile El-Train and Chris have to figure out how to tell Cassidy that she can't sing.
  • Movin' on Up
    Movin' on Up
    Episode 12
    The gang from Manny High move in together as part of a reality TV show. When Chris and Jamal hear the producers talk about cancelling the show, they try to create conflict among the roommates to make the show better. Things get out of hand and threaten to break up the whole group. Meanwhile, Miss Noble is frustrated when she is forced to work with an incompetent assistant who also happens to be her boss' daughter.moreless
  • Marriage Go-Round
    Marriage Go-Round
    Episode 11
    Jamal is jealous that Ranya is spending too much time with Chris after the two are paired up in Ms. Noble's marriage project. Meanwhile Jamal's partner is having to do the project alone and El-Train is getting bossed around by his partner-Tasha.
  • El-trainmania IV
    El-trainmania IV
    Episode 10
    El-Train is offered the opportunity to work as a professional wrestler. When his wrestling practice interferes with his volunteer work with underprivileged kids, Dawn and Cassidy demand that he choose one or the other. Meanwhile, Jamal and Chris start accepting bribes from local merchants in exchange for endorsements on the school radio station, until Ms. Noble forces them to eat at a particularly filthy restaurant they claimed to have liked.moreless
  • In this Corner
    In this Corner
    Episode 9
    Jamal decides to become a boxer and compete in a local tournament, even though his father warns him not to. But when Mr. Grant finds out that Jamal disobeyed him, Jamal leaves home, until Miss Noble has a chance to help iron things out.
  • Reluctant Hero
    Reluctant Hero
    Episode 8
    It's "Crime Prevention Week" at Manny High and the students are given self-defense classes. Jamal uses his newly-developed skills to stop a mugging, but makes Chris take the credit, and reap the rewards, because he was supposed to be home grounded at the time. Meanwhile, Al, El-Train, Cassidy and Dawn are enlisted by Ms. Noble to patrol the halls as "Manny Monitors."moreless
  • Ebony & Ivory
    Ebony & Ivory
    Episode 7
    Chris and Jamal each like the deputy mayor's daughter. She tells her father that she is going out with Chris while Jamal, her real date, doesn't understand why she lied to him until she tells Jamal that her father is racist.
  • Raise the Roofies
    Raise the Roofies
    Episode 6
    Cassidy is tricked into drinking a date rape drug by a college guy.
  • The Players
    The Players
    Episode 5
    After seeing Cassidy perform in a student film, Jamal and Chris decide to make their own movie and enter it in a film festival. But when their ideas clash, they end up competing with each other to see who can make a better movie on their own. Meanwhile, Dawn, Al and El-Train volunteer for a psychology experiment and Dawn becomes frustrated when she can't do as well as the two guys.moreless
  • Face the Music
    Face the Music
    Episode 4
    El-Train sings the blues when his musical hero Slick Willy Bill steals a song he wrote. Meanwhile, Al publishes unflattering photos of Cassidy and Dawn on the cover of his magazine.
  • Alley Oops
    Alley Oops
    Episode 3
    Chris, Jamal, Al and Dawn prepare to face their bowling league rivals in a tournament, but the guys consider dropping Dawn so they have a better chance of winning. When Dawn overhears their plan, she fakes an injury to her wrist to avoid embarrassment, but Cassidy forces her to confront the guys about their selfishness. Meanwhile, Ms. Noble develops a crush on the new substitute teacher, Mr. Washington.moreless
  • Mr. Baseball
    Mr. Baseball
    Episode 2
    Jamal lets being the hero of a baseball game go to his head. WHen he fails to lead the team to victory, he wants to quit the team.
  • Greece is the Word
    Greece is the Word
    Episode 1
    Chris finds himself in the middle of a love triangle when the girl he dated during summer vacation in Greece makes a surprise visit to Manny High just as he starts a new, romantic relationship with Cassidy. Meanwhile, Al and El-Train pull pranks on unsuspecting freshman