City Homicide

Season 2 Episode 5

Guilty As Charged

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Jul 28, 2008 on Seven Network

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  • Peter O'Brien guest stars in one of his most chilling roles yet, as Warren Endicott the double murderer of his wife and child, vindicated through no bodies, Jen makes it her business to find them.

    Opening with a woman being smothered to death by a man Warren Endicott (Peter O'Brien) and a young girl coming out of her bedroom at the wrong time also suffering the same fate is chilling enough, but as you hear the trial in the background and discover it was his wife and child, he is convincingly denying it and getting off through lack of evidence and no bodies, is just plain horrific, it gave me goosebumps.
    Then there is the added trauma of the family left behind desperate to give them a propper burial and a disgruntled cop Jennifer Mapplethorpe (Nadine Garner) wanting to give them that wish.
    First she tries the old double jeopardy rule, "tell me where the bodies are you cant be charged" he doesn't fall for it and still states his innocence aloud but whispers to her "Im not that stupid", enraged she loses it and screams at him he's now her personal project and she'll nail him, big mistake as her collegues start to question her ability and she's just made herself Warren's personal project..
    As Jennifers cat goes missing and a fresh grave with its collar on is found in her garden, she digs it up to find two dolls wrapped together in plastic, they symbolise mother and daughter.
    Also a bunch of cliche moments where he just happens to be where she is all the time, he taunts her by always having a valid reason for being there and she has no proof otherwise, she's spooked but not enough to give up.
    Soon her obsession gets her put on leave from work and fuming she steals the files and continues her own investigation, her collegues onto her they also keep an eye on her but so is Warren and as she closes in on finding the bodies of his wife and child, he's more than happy to let her join them for good....
    This kept me on the edge of my seat, I only started watching this because of Nadine Garner as I was a huge fan of the Henderson Kids and Class Act, (I have to watch this on youtube as its not in the UK yet and it kept stopping and driving me mad), but teaming her with a psychotic Peter O' Brien who I still think of as Shane from Neighbours was a stroke of genius, the tension between them in the final scenes was gripping, she seemed genuingly terrified while he was cold and calculating. The twist at the end where he had buried mother and daughter hugging because he wanted them to feel comfortable still gives me shivers...just one question though, what did happen to the cat?
  • Det Mapplethorpe is angry and frustrated that a criminal is set free by the courts on what amounts to a bodies!

    First let me say, I agree with darknight. If this were any other show the episode would have received higher points, but because it's City Homicide and we expect so much more from the stories than rehashed premise, it didn't rate as well.

    I gave it a 9 for encouragement. :D

    One of the things that I've found disappointing in recent eps is the out of character 'emotionalising' of Jeniffer Mapplethorpe. In season one she was just one of the blokes, this season they're obviously trying to make her seem more feminine - which I don't have any objection to - but I fail to see why she has to come over all girly and emotional to get that across.

    And they're trying hard to inject some "is it or can it be" romance with Matt Ryan. I wish they'd get on with that...

    But on to the episode.

    I always find it disturbing how well Peter O'Brien plays the evil villian. He's a brilliant actor - and he does act, not just play himself in everything as a lot of so-called actors do. He is equally convincing as the wife and child killer - or serial rapist, as he is the good looking hero, or vigilante cop. I'm constantly impressed by his talent.

    So, back to the story. O'Brien's character gets off on a charge of murdering his wife and daughter because the police didn't find any bodies and Jen has developed a bit of an obsession about it, as I'm sure a lot of police do when they know a killer is guilty but can't gather all the facts sufficient to make the charge follow thru to it's Just conclusion.

    She's put on leave to get her head straight, and of course she does what every obsessed cop does - nicks off with the files and starts investigating on her own.

    But - the baddie has also set his sights on getting Jen and, well, watch it yourself.

    It's a good episode, but predictable.

    Nadine Garner demonstrates again why she acts for a living. She's really really good at it. Like Peter O'Brien, she acts a part, not just herself. I forget it's Nadine Garner I'm watching and become immersed in the role she plays - that's the sign of a good actor!!! and what I was trying to say about Peter O'Brien.

    I'd love to see the writers come up with something a little more original than this for the future eps though. I think i've seen something like it done for every cop show I've ever watched. It's good drama, but not cutting edge and definately second-hand. Mediocre is fine for Hollywood, there's so much churned out there, but I expect more from our home grown shows. Unreasonable much?? ;)

    So, watch it already - you can view it on the y7 website if you didn't catch it on 7.

    Now all we have to do is survive the boring olympics and get back to the show. Why can't we have both?
  • If this was an episode in any number of other series it would probably get a higher rating but by City Homicides standards it is only average.

    Jen becomes obsessed with catching a man aquitted of murdering his wife and daughter when they couldn't find the bodies. In turn he begins to stalk her.

    Meanwhile we see Stan confront his wife with what he knows of her affair.

    This episode continues to expose more of the private lifes of the senior officers while the detectives themselves no longer appear to have a private life of their own. The episode is a little more predictable then most of the City Homicide series but overall it is well produced and the actors strive to get the best out of their caracters with the script delt to them.