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  • Who would've thought that the best new show of the season would be from Downunder. Aussie Channel 7's new series is a hit!

    Superb writing and acting make this show a gem. Hopefully the Aussies won't keep this one to themselves. The chance of a U.S. channel buying this for broadcast here in North America are almost zero (after all these are the people who dubbed "Mad Max" from English into English!) However, the big-wigs at the American networks should take a page from the Aussie's book, because this show rocks! Unlike the American shows CSI (all flavours) and Law and Order (all flavours), this show feels real. The criminals aren't that clever and the cops are true to life. U.S. shows tend to present a puzzle that their stars have to solve every episode and it feels just that artificial. "City Homicide" shows cops at work solving cases and it really feels like a job that you have to work at to become good, just like any other. The quality of this show is so high, that it makes me wonder just what other Australian gems have I missed over the years?
  • Terrific every week! Always a twist you don't see coming.

    Unlike the usual American detective fodder this show doesn't make it obvious what's going to happen next. I can see why some might not like it, they'd have to think for themselves for a change.
    The plot lines are original, interesting and sometimes confronting, with a genuine Australian flavour. The characters are very different from each other in a familar setting. They work well as a team in each story and also as an ensemble cast. A great cast alround and great special guests as well.
    Production values are high for an Australian TV show and the writer are to be congratulated for inventive stories. A most refreshing experience every week, a complete top-shelf experience.
  • By far the best crime series of 2007...

    Got to say this for me beat the American series hands down in 2007. A drama with an arc, great characters and super stories.

    It was hard to say which was my favourite episode of the series, although the final few episodes certainly kept the pulse racing.

    As for characters, I am certainly hoping that Wilton Sparkes make a return in the second series - he was one of the fuly formed characters although one has to wonder how much trauma a set of people can go through. Indeed is there anything left to cause trauma in 2008!

    Overall, this is quality Aussie drama!
  • A number 1 Aussie cop drama thats really good.

    Im really enjoying these and I hope they come over to the UK, sorry wrote episode review in wrong place lol.

    Love the cast, its great to see Dan Mcphearson again, so thats why he quit "The Bill"

    Nadine Garner is not on tv enough, from Henderson Kids child star, to grumpy teen in Boys from The Bush then onto crime busting Aussie burglar Gloria in a Class Act, she seems to be able to turn her hand to any role and she is really great in this one, it just seems so long in between roles for her, when she is a much better actress that someone just cast because they won a beauty pagent or whatever.

    I dont really know any of the others but they all work well as an ensemble, I am going to keep watching this, I know I strted somewhere in season 2 so I've obviously alot to catch up on, but 1 isnt on you tube yet fingers crossed

    Ok so its a police drama and they have a murder to solve every week, a couple I have seen had quite sick motives, like slept with his own mother before killing her cos she gave him up at birth is one that stuck in my mind, another trying to kill a child witness and an aunt being in on it, opening the window so he can get a better shot at her, and one where a man held the staff hostage to prove his son didnt commit a sex murder only to find its the uncle who is now preying on the sister and they have no proof whatsoever, when that one ended my blood was boiling, but if a drama can get you like that then its obviously doing something right.
  • The thing I like best about this show is that it is normal ... and normal can be good ... it can be VERY good!

    There are no fancy sideshows of technical wizardry as you get in CSI [which of course I love] ... this is straight forward down to earth policing ... and I bet some people do see it as boring ... well it is their loss ... because this is how it is ... dull tables and chairs but with honest and hard working officers ... and isn't that the way it is supposed to be? Yes we get swept up in the CSI's, with Horatio's stance and Grissom's quirks but this programme gives you a story ... a proper story ... this week it was about a killer who beat the system ... and there are a few out there ... and the determination of one police woman, Jennifer, and the loyalty of her colleagues in backing her up that won the story through. Boring? I don't think so ... I found Peter O' Brien seriously intimidating and the police work to 'get' him was gripping ... plus on the outside you have real life happening ... with Wolfe finding out his wife is supposedly having an affair ... The first series was sharp; I find this second series a bit more gritty ... and that isn't a bad thing either! I am/was a huge fan of Water Rats and Murder Call - this is definitely in the same league! Let's hope it makes it through to a third series!
  • Good cast trapped in a show that is truly a crime !

    It's incredible that such a great cast can be part of a show this bad ! None of the characters are believable, and are sadly stereotypical. I couldn't make a connection to any of them, and really couldn't care if they survived an episode, let alone what was happening in their personal lives. Sad to see Shane Bourne crashing to such a low after a great performance as Happy in MDA. Nadine Garner's character is boring and wooden, and it's probably best not to mention Aaron Pederson at all.

    Each episode seems to lead to a new low in inept storytelling, with cast stumbling their way through thin and predictable plots.

    This dumbed down drivel really is an insult to the viewing public. It's a sad waste of airtime, money and talent that could be used to much better effect in some other show.
  • A tragic and uninspired attempt to emulate American police drama.

    This is arguably the most tedious drivel, referred to as writing, that I have seen on an Australian drama. It was a challenge to simply remain conscious during the airing of this complete train wreck. The actors involved have brought no depth or personality to the characters they so painfully attempt to animate. The exception is Damien Richardson (Detective Matt Ryan), who is one of my absolute favourite Australian actors,has managed to form a living breathing character in the short time this show has been airing.
    Daniel MacPherson (Detective Simon Joyner), however,seems to make the everyday tasks of walking, talking and breathing seem arduous.
    City Homicide is a waste of several good actors' potential and the time it will take you to realise this and to change the channel.