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  • The thing I like best about this show is that it is normal ... and normal can be good ... it can be VERY good!

    There are no fancy sideshows of technical wizardry as you get in CSI [which of course I love] ... this is straight forward down to earth policing ... and I bet some people do see it as boring ... well it is their loss ... because this is how it is ... dull tables and chairs but with honest and hard working officers ... and isn't that the way it is supposed to be? Yes we get swept up in the CSI's, with Horatio's stance and Grissom's quirks but this programme gives you a story ... a proper story ... this week it was about a killer who beat the system ... and there are a few out there ... and the determination of one police woman, Jennifer, and the loyalty of her colleagues in backing her up that won the story through. Boring? I don't think so ... I found Peter O' Brien seriously intimidating and the police work to 'get' him was gripping ... plus on the outside you have real life happening ... with Wolfe finding out his wife is supposedly having an affair ... The first series was sharp; I find this second series a bit more gritty ... and that isn't a bad thing either! I am/was a huge fan of Water Rats and Murder Call - this is definitely in the same league! Let's hope it makes it through to a third series!
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