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  • A number 1 Aussie cop drama thats really good.

    Im really enjoying these and I hope they come over to the UK, sorry wrote episode review in wrong place lol.

    Love the cast, its great to see Dan Mcphearson again, so thats why he quit "The Bill"

    Nadine Garner is not on tv enough, from Henderson Kids child star, to grumpy teen in Boys from The Bush then onto crime busting Aussie burglar Gloria in a Class Act, she seems to be able to turn her hand to any role and she is really great in this one, it just seems so long in between roles for her, when she is a much better actress that someone just cast because they won a beauty pagent or whatever.

    I dont really know any of the others but they all work well as an ensemble, I am going to keep watching this, I know I strted somewhere in season 2 so I've obviously alot to catch up on, but 1 isnt on you tube yet fingers crossed

    Ok so its a police drama and they have a murder to solve every week, a couple I have seen had quite sick motives, like slept with his own mother before killing her cos she gave him up at birth is one that stuck in my mind, another trying to kill a child witness and an aunt being in on it, opening the window so he can get a better shot at her, and one where a man held the staff hostage to prove his son didnt commit a sex murder only to find its the uncle who is now preying on the sister and they have no proof whatsoever, when that one ended my blood was boiling, but if a drama can get you like that then its obviously doing something right.
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