City Homicide - Season 2

Seven Network (ended 2011)




Episode Guide

  • Thicker Than Water
    Episode 1
    The unit investigates a murder of a middle aged woman in a dark alley. While the investigations dig into her family history, Stanley is confronted with his own past.
  • Somersaulting Dogs
    Somersaulting Dogs
    Episode 2
    Homicide arrives at a high school where a teenage boy is found hanging in the girl's toilet. Did constant bullying lead to his suicide? Or is there something more sinister at play? What is the school community trying to hide? And is Detective Superintendent Bernice Waverley's son connected in any way to the case?moreless
  • In House
    Episode 3
    The Homicide squad are faced with a hostage situation, where they are the hostages. A desperate and dangerous man has stormed into headquarters and has taken half of the Homicide squad hostage. Stanley begins an intense negotiation, but will he be successful in getting everyone out unharmed?
  • Taniwha
    Episode 4
    A woman is murdered on a beach in broad daylight and the detectives must try to work out what her tramatized children saw if anything as the killer comes after them.
  • Guilty As Charged
    Episode 5
    Jen becomes obsessed with the case of a man who killed his wife and daughter vowing to the wifes parents that she will find their bodies after he is aquitted of thier murder.
  • Reward
    Episode 6
    The discovery of a partially mumified body by a couple of kids leads the the reopening of an old kidnapping case. The kidnapping case in turn has ties to a old case of Sgt Sparkes and he gets in touch with his old partner.
  • Golden
    Episode 7
    Some footballers get involved in a fight at a pub leaving one in a coma. When his life support is turned off it becomes a murder case as the squad try to find who landed the fatal blow.
  • Life After Death
    Episode 8
    The Homicide team are forced to question their beliefs when a psychic accurately foresees, down to the smallest detail, the murder of a young dancer. But was this a mere vision, or was she involved in the capture and murder of the young woman? And events take an unexpected twist as the psychic herself is kidnapped.moreless
  • 9/15/08
    A dried up dam reveals the key to a thirty year old mystery, the hacked and bound bones of two missing young lovers. When Homicide investigates they discover holes in the case files and clues that were covered up. Only one person can enlighten the team with the truth - a convicted serial killer. Simon and Duncan get the dire job of trying to get the juice out of him.moreless
  • Examination Day
    Episode 10
    After a woman dies in the middle of a university examination, the homicide squad uncovers the hidden world of examination scams, but will their investigation interfere with the undercover federal police investigation into the matter?
  • Oh Lucky Man
    Episode 11
    Three prostitutes. Brutally murdered. Their faces hacked down to blood and bone. This was Stanley Wolfe's case and he knew who the killer was. Maxwell Craven. Greedy for sex. A pathetic man who has to pay to receive and always wants more. But the evidence was too circumstantial, witnesses too unreliable. Craven walked free and out of the state. Now he's back, and one more girl's already dead. This time, Stanley won't let him get away. This case makes the team question Stanley's judgement. Their Sarge is too close to this one, and they know it. Matt receives unexpected bad news, and Jennifer and Emma offer their support. Who will Matt lean on?moreless
  • Spoils of War
    Episode 12
    Gulf war soldiers discover that a secret they left behind in the war zone has come back to haunt them, in the saftey of their suburban lifestyles. The homicide team search for a killer who is murdering the family memebers of the soldiers one by one.
  • Jury Duty
    Episode 13
    The investigation of missing Supreme Court juror from a high-profile case leads homicide to a victim that is still very much alive.
  • Jane Doe
    Episode 14
    When a murder victim's body is found with no evidence of her identity, Simon leads the team as they delve into the unknown life of Jane Doe.
  • Junkie
    Episode 15
    Homicide is called in on two separate cases of heroin overdose, one of a young junkie, the other a judge. But when it is revealed that the two deaths are connected and that the heroin was attained from the same source, and laced with another agent, Homicide and the Drug Squad relucantly team up to try and solve the murders.moreless
  • Stolen Sweets
    Episode 16
    When a young man falls to his death from a high rise apartment block, Homicide are led to the law firm that owns the apartment and leases it out to its clients. But is the law firm knowingly covering up their client's involvement in the crime? Or does the case delve deeper into the firm itself?moreless
  • The Forgotten
    Episode 17
    A homeless man is brutally murdered as he sleeps in his favorite spot in an abandoned warehouse. As the team investigate they discover all is not as it seems with this murder victim, and soon his spoiled rich kids are discovered.
  • A Green Light
    Episode 18
    Two criminals, one paroled who helped the other escape, go gunning for one of the Homicide Team in revenge for the death of their daughter. While the detective is fighting for his life in hospital the rest of the team race the clock trying to apprehend the felons before the case is taken away from them by major crime. Meanwhile the Superintendent's travel plans are aborted when she is suspended and investigated by the Office for Professional Misconduct.moreless
  • House Of Horrors
    Episode 19
    The corpse of a university lecturer, thought to have left town ten years earlier with his student lover, is found during a drug bust. Meanwhile Waverley attempts to get to the bottom of the charges made against her.
  • The Cutting Edge
    Episode 20
    An investigator checking out the credentials of the foreign doctors at a hospital is murdered and his paperwork is missing. All the surgeons come under the microscope. Meanwhile Waverley is trying to prove that she is being framed for corruption but only her own department will believe her and offically she is not allowed contact with them.moreless
  • Rage
    Episode 21
    Homicide investigate two seemingly different crimes in the same suburb, a teenage boy mowed down on his way home, and a woman who was killed with perfect precision. Is there a connection between the two cases? Meanwhile the recently stood down Detective Superintendent Bernice Waverley continues to try and find out who framed her and who is sending her the disturbing messages, opting to sneak into the Homicide building after hours, but she is discovered in the process.moreless
  • Life And Death
    Episode 22
    The team investigate the murder of a psychiatrist, meanwhile Waverley's son is missing and she's sure it has something to do with her being framed but how can she prove it and will it be too late for Josh Waverley?