City Hunter

(ended 1991)


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  • One of the better anime series.

    This show began with a movie-length feature that ranks among the best action-adventure animes ever done. Indeed, it should have appeal even to those who aren't normally interested in animation. There are only people, no robots, and the detective story outranks for excitement anything the James Bond movies have done in years. The follow-up episodes have a certain campy sense of humor which crops up now and then, and which I could do without, but other than that, flaws are few and far between. Mystery, courage, really great suits--"City Hunter" offers much to treat the eye, as well as the brain. Too many anime productions cater to only one or the other. Thank goodness for the rarity that fires on all cylinders.
  • This show made me laugh often.

    Simply put this show was funny. Ryo the lead male character being this dashing, charming figure that couldn't not miss with his .357 magnum even you were to cut out his eyes. Yet, let nearly any female go by and suddenly, he turns into the most lecherous, prat falling, idiot you have ever seen. It was just out right funny. The series had some good action sequences but they were more of a second thought to the comedy. Also, the parts of the show between the action and the comedy could drag a bit. Plotlines weren't important either, it was the same every show: Bad guy threatens something, pretty girl hires Ryo, Ryo tries to make it with the pretty girl, Kaori (Ryo's female partner) pulls her multi ton hammer from hell --or some other ridiculously large item from thin air-- and clubs Ryo with it, bad guy captures pretty girl and/or Kaori, Ryo saves day but loses pretty girl. One of the strongest points of the show was it's music. The music was spot on most of the time. I have several of the sound tracks. TM Network did a lot of the music. Bottom line, if you a little action mixed with lots of slapstick humor then you can't go wrong with this show. If however, you like less comedy and either more plot or action then move on to something else and leave this one alone.
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