City Life

Season 2 Episode 11

Episode 21

Aired Unknown Feb 05, 1998 on TVNZ

Episode Recap

After Michael has gone, Ryan is extremely depressed and loses his temper with a bothersome customer at The Lava Lounge. Mia takes him aside to straighten him out but ends up comforting him. Ryan starts crying and tells Mia he'd feel better if he knew why Michael left him.

Michael's departure also causes problems for Bronwyn, who gets very much to do at work now that he's gone. Her boss, Howard, calls her into a meeting to defend the Supernatural New Zealand exhibition. Bronwyn thinks she handles it well and is therefore disappointed when Howard announces he's bringing in someone else to oversee the exhibit - someone more acquainted with the Maori aspects. Since Bronwyn has a Maori best friend herself - Wiki - she decides Wiki will help her out.

Aaron's uncle, Ernest Kellett, arrives in town with a top lawyer, Patrick Walsh, and tells Angela that Patrick will handle Aaron's case from now on. Angela is actually relieved to get out of it all but Aaron insists she continues to defend him, even though she lacks experience.

As Bronwyn and Wiki are working in the Museum library, a book with a folder inside falls to the floor. Wiki reads it and rushes to tell Bronwyn about the story documented in the book - a difficult love affair between a pakeha girl and a Maori warrior: an interfering Tohunga and a family who became accident prone after a curse. Bronwyn thinks it's perfect for the exhibition but Wiki tells her the cursed family is actually the Kelletts. But Bronwyn refuses to believe in a curse.

Despairing over their impossible love-lives, Hugh and Stephanie get drunk together. Later, they attempt to have sex together but they're both to drunk for it to happen. They have to give up the whole act and just laugh at it.

Angela messes up in court and her plea for bail is thrown out by the judge. Aaron is sent straight to jail and has to share a cell with Joe, a huge, scary Maori who hassles him. Meanwhile, Aaron's case gets even darker as Nicky is arrested and Angela resign as his lawyer.

Wiki meets Cam Winiata, the man who is to handle the exhibition. Bronwyn finds an essay on the Kellett curse and also a photo of her great-great-grandmother, Elizabeth Kellett, who looks exactly like Bronwyn. Bronwyn shows the essay and photo to Wiki and Cam. Cam admits he's written the essay and then surprises Bronwyn by revealing that Elizabeth Kellett's illegitimate son was his great grandfather: they're relatives.

In a last attempt to prove his innocence, Aaron participates in a talk show hosted by Alan Cutter. Angela is horrified and goes to Ernest and Patrick, who suggest a plea bargain. Angela insists that Aaron is no murderer but realizes that Ernest and Patrick do not really believe in his innocenece. Reluctantly, Angela agrees to be Aaron's lawyer again.