City Life

Season 2 Episode 14

Episode 24

Aired Unknown Feb 12, 1998 on TVNZ

Episode Recap

That fact that Josh and Kristen have never had sex with each other keeps getting a big problem. Since Kristen is still a virgin, Josh doesn't want to pressure her. Meanwhile, Kristen worries that Josh is reluctant because of something Freudian to do with the fact that he's slept with her mother.

Stephanie learns her father Carl has died. As to be expected, Stephanie is her usual cold self; going into denial and deciding to go to work instead of attending the funeral. She has been offered a job fronting a pilot for a new game show called "It Takes Two", about couples embarrassing themselves in front of a live audience to see how well fit they are for each other.

Wiki is recovering from the asthma attack when a guilt-ridden Bronwyn comes to visit. She claims nothing is going on between Cam and her but Wiki reminds her she saw them kissing. Upset about hurting Wiki, Bronwyn tells Cam the kiss was a mistake.

Gideon is not looking forward to telling the staff at the paua factory that they'll be closed down. One of the workers, Ofisa, has brought his wife and their baby, and Gideon is reminded that the people he's about to make unemployed have families to support. As Gideon breaks the news, the persistent Sheila refuses to give up and heads to the bank to raise the cash to buy back the factory. Ofisa challenges Gideon to a game of rugby with the other workers. Not surprisingly, Gideon gets some bruises.

Stephanie auditions possible couples for the pilot and is frustrated by how dull and ordinary they all are. But then she sees a couple that's far from ordinary: Josh and Kristen. They're perfect and Steph persuades them to be in the pilot.

Vernon turns up at The Lava Lounge and Ryan tells Hugh to get rid of him as he's getting on everyone's nerves. Hugh offers to give Vernon some money to pay for a bed for the night but Stephanie roughly tells Vernon to get lost.

As Cam visits Wiki, she asks him if he's in love with Bronwyn. Cam admits he is and apologizes for having mislead her. With the feud surrounding the Kellett play fresh in mind, Wiki decides to put on a brave face and goes to patch thing up with Bronwyn as she want to keep their friendship. Bronwyn is touched and tells Cam that in a little while they may start to go out.

Vernon shows up at Hugh's flat to give him a watch. When Hugh refuses to accept, Vernon hints about committing suicide but Stephanie accuses him of only pretending he'll kill himself to get attention. As she goes on, it comes out that her father has killed himself. A concerned Hugh tries to talk to her but Steph shrugs him off - she doesn't care about her father anyway.

Stephanie then goes to work on the pilot. In addition to Josh and Kristen there's another couple, Jim and Tania Mills. Jim and Tania seems to the perfect couple but the tests show that Kristen and Josh don't agree on anything. Then Kristen outrages Steph by confronting Josh about why hasn't made love to her yet. Josh says he was waiting for a sign from her and Kristen reassures him she's ready. They kiss and the audience applaud. However, Stephanie's uptight and arrogant boss, Katherine, tells her the pilot was a disaster. Steph tells Katherine exactly what she thinks of her and gets fired. Fine! She was tired of the job anyway.

Gideon realizes Angus is using him and he doesn't like it. A despaired Sheila tells Gideon the bank thought she was too much of a risk. But then Gideon surprises Sheila: he'll buy a share in the factory by raising a loan against his apartment. Sheila admits she's misjudged him and is more than happy to go into business with Gideon.

As Stephanie goes up on the roof to be alone, she finds Vernon about to jump fromthe ledge. Steph overcomes her fear of heights and climbs out onto the ledge with him. Together, they share views on death and other stuff.