City Life

Season 2 Episode 16

Episode 26

Aired Unknown Feb 19, 1998 on TVNZ

Episode Recap

Uncle Ernest is in a coma after his collapse and it's up to Aaron and Bronwyn to decide wether or not to pull the plug. Bronwyn feels guilty about what's happened and refuses to pull the plug: maybe Ernest will recover after a while.

Josh performs a stand-up show about the most useless jobs and declares meter reading the most pointless occupation ever. Unfortunately, there's a meter reader, Dermott, present in the audience. Later, Dermott demands Josh to apologize but he refuses. Josh is then suspicious when Dermott later shows up at the penthouse and claims he's reading the meter. An inspector drops by later and informs Gideon they've had a report of tampering. Josh tells Gideon that Dermott is behind it.

At night, Cam sneaks into Ernest's hospital room, disguised as a cleaner, and disconnect the ventilator. Bronwyn is upset when she learns later that Ernest has died. Then, Cam asks her to marry him. A delighted Bronwyn accepts the proposal. The whole gang are stunned as Bronwyn later announces she Cam will get married this very night. Aaron tries in vain to talk her out of it.

A heavily pregnant Mia is bored and decides to go to work. But soon, her water breaks and she goes into labor. Ryan rushes her to the maternity ward. There he meets Craig from the Lamaze classes - Cushla has gone into labor too.

Aaron tells Angela he wants to take care of her and the baby but the final decision is up to her. Angela finally makes up her mind and tells a thrilled Aaron she's keeping the baby. She still has some doubts, though.

Josh and Gideon's power is cut off. Dermott later meets with Josh and demands him to apologize by performing a stand-up show where he says comedians are the scum of the earth. Josh is forced to go along and reluctantly makes fun of his own kind in front of Dermott and a bunch of other meter readers.

As it is impossible for Warwick to get there in time, Ryan has to support Mia through the birth. Meanwhile, Ryan and Craig get along great and Cushla delivers a baby boy. Mia goes into the final stage of labor and orders Ryan to get Cushla's celebrators to stop singing so loud. As Ryan goes to shush them, he sees Craig being hassled by Wade, another father-to-be that disapproves of Craig donating his sperm to two lesbians. Ryan decides to show Wade and gives Craig a long, passionate kiss. However, Wade gets mad and knocks him unconscious. When Ryan wakes up, Mia arrives with the newborn baby girl. Ryan happily cradles his daughter but his happiness is cut short by Warwick's arrival. Crushed, Ryan realizes there's no room for him in his daughter's life.

Wiki is extremely shaken-up after Cam visits her and tells her he still cares for her. Bronwyn and Cam's wedding starts even though Ryan is at the hospital and Angela is elsewhere. But the other, plus Herb and Rose Crabtree, are all present. Upset about what Cam said earlier, Wiki leaves the ceremony. Hugh misinterprets and follows her. Wiki tries to explain why she walked out but Hugh tells her how he feels about her. Bronwyn and Cam are finally married and the entire gang gather outside the building the wave them off as they go on their honeymoon...