City of Angels

CBS (ended 2000)


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  • The First African American medical drama for TV quickly fizzled and disappeared from sight. However it's premature demise wasn't due to the quality of the show.

    City of Angels which premiered in 2000 was the first African American medical drama series for TV, but the show was cancelled early into it's first season reportedly for lack of sponsors. Stephen Bochco was an Executive Producer for the show. He has enjoyed fame for producing the TV shows Hill Street Blues, NYPD Blue, LA Law, and Columba, among others.

    Although CoA had any of the same features that made the long-running medical drama "ER" such a popular TV series it just didn't resonate with viewers for very long. A superbly talented cast led by Blair Underwood and Vivica L. Fox really did a fine job, but simply could not capture enough interest make the show worth keeping in the minds of those who mattered. CoA was a show aired for such a short period of time, but it's cancellation has left a long lasting sadness for many.
  • City Of Angels is a very good show. Blair Underwood is one of my favorite male actors. He\'s so handsome and talented. This is one of my favorite tv shows.

    City Of Angels is a very good show. The actors and actress are so believable. I love Blair Underwood!! The show was well written, with excellent plots. I wish they would bring this show back. The episode where Blair was telling another co-worker about his feelings for Gabielle Union character was very good. I don\'t know why this series didn\'t obtain enough viewers. Maybe, the network should have advertised the show more. Because, I don\'t recall the show at all back in 2000. The only City of Angels I heard of, was the movie. Also, maybe people weren\'t ready for a tv drama like City of Angels, that was primarily an all black cast. I don\'t know, however this show is the only reason I actually watch TV1.I love this show!!! Please bring good shows back to the screen.

    Why this show is no longer on primetime is one of the greastest errors this media has ever made. I am very thankful that i can still see it in sydication,but the supply is very limited. The cast and crew knew exactly what they were doing, and made us feel every emotion,every show. Boy, This is one show that is sorely missed.