City of Angels - Season 1

CBS (ended 2000)


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Episode Guide

  • Dress For Success
    Dress For Success
    Episode 14
    Ben believes O'Malley may be suicidal after he finds the chairman catatonic - and wearing a dress. A college all-star running back is paralyzed in a car accident and wants to die rather than face a future without football; and Harris tries to keep a personal medical condition secret but finds it difficult to do so.moreless
  • To Halve or Not To Halve
    O'Malley comes to the hospital after having been beaten during a mugging. Lillian agrees to have breakfast with her former husband, who drops a bombshell on her. Ben tries to convince a homeless man to let him perform a life-saving operation; and Wesley accuses Ben of unfair treatment after Ben chews him out following a botched diagnosis.moreless
  • When Worlds Colitis
    When Worlds Colitis
    Episode 11
    Wesley confronts a 14-year-old girl who suffers from colitis, and he becomes convinced that Ana likes him. Ben tries to save an elderly physician from being fired; and Jackson treats a homeless man who believes he is the King of England.
  • Deliver the Male
    Deliver the Male
    Episode 10
    Lillian tries to get an 18-year-old gang member to accept responsibility for his newborn child. Ben tries to persuade Grace's frightened father to undergo surgery; and Wesley treats a gunshot dog when its 10-year-old owner, who has also been shot, refuses to enter the hospital if his pet can't come with him.moreless
  • Assume the Position
    Ben is stopped for a traffic violation and harassed by a white police officer. Grace's father worries that he may have prostate cancer; and Lillian fights for much needed equipment when she learns the hospital has received an unexpected $20 million from the county.
  • Cry Me A Liver
    Cry Me A Liver
    Episode 8
    Ben believes he's found a liver donor for a 17-year-old who has been on a waiting list for three years. Then a suspected murderer with a chronic liver condition comes in, and moves ahead on the waiting list. Meanwhile, a former patient sues the hospital claiming that he was rendered impotent by a botched hernia operation performed by Ben.moreless
  • Ax and Ye Shall Receive
    A man is admitted with a hatchet buried in his head. The staff caters to a crusty physician who will determine whether the hospital receives accreditation. Dr. Syphax confronts Ben over his feelings for Lillian; and Lillian makes a surprising decision that displeases O'Malley.
  • Unhand Me
    Unhand Me
    Episode 6
    Eveline, 25 weeks pregnant, rescues a woman from being raped - but is then run down by the would-be rapist's car. Meanwhile, a severed human hand is found on a patient's food tray causing Harris to worry that it will interfere with the hospital's chances of getting accredited.
  • The Prince and the Porker
    Prince nearly botches an operation and threatens Williams for disobeying his orders. Weiss has dinner with Grace's father and comes away shell-shocked; and Lillian tries to determine why an 11-year-old boy was operated on without parental consent.
  • The High Cost of Living
    Ben tries to save the life of a 2-year-old boy who was beaten. Guerrero threatens to reveal that O'Malley supplied him with cocaine. Jackson treats a homeless woman who claims she has sickle-cell anemia; and Prince threatens to bring legal action against Lillian and the hospital if she doesn't appoint him chief of surgery.moreless
  • Weenis Between Us
    Weenis Between Us
    Episode 3
    O'Malley enters the hospital for surgery and brings along his own private physician. Hattie Brewster suffers a stroke and Lillian discovers that Verlynne is back on drugs. Meanwhile, Jackson rescues Williams from a deranged patient.
  • Oscar de la Boya
    Oscar de la Boya
    Episode 2
    The hospital is threatened with a $5 million wrongful termination suit. Ben and Lillian rekindle their former passion when they are stuck in a closet during a fire drill. Williams jeopardizes a gunshot victim's life when he allows a man with a less severe injury to be operated on first; and Javier confesses to Ed that he is again using cocaine.moreless
  • Prototype
    Episode 1
    Lillian Price, the new medical director, arrives at Angels of Mercy Hospital to help the struggling hospital get its accreditation back. She finds herself supervising -and clashing- with her former lover, Dr. Ben Turner, who is acting chief of surgery. Meanwhile, an elderly woman refuses to undergo emergency surgery that could save her life; and a resident botches an operation that he undertook without permission.moreless