City of Angels - Season 2

CBS (ended 2000)


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Episode Guide

  • City of Angels
    City of Angels
    Episode 12
    TBS Presents: "City of Angels" An angel comes to earth and falls in love with the woman he's assigned to watch over.
  • Pick and Roll Over
    Pick and Roll Over
    Episode 11
  • SWAT's Happening
    SWAT's Happening
    Episode 10
    Three gang members burst into the emergency room to kill a wounded rival and then hold several doctors and patient's hostage when police arrive before they can escape.
  • Smoochas Gracias
    Smoochas Gracias
    Episode 9
    Ben recovers from his mysterious disease in time for Christmas celebration. Stewart and Syphax treat a 12-year-old Somalian girl who is brought in by her older sister; she's bleeding from a ritual circumcision . A kidney becomes available to transplant but the patient can't be found. A husband isn't sure if he wants his wife, who has been badly beaten, to get reconstructive surgery that will make her beautiful; he fears she will become to attractive to other men and leave him. Ben receives two unexpected kisses from two different women.moreless
  • Saving Faces
    Saving Faces
    Episode 8
    Ben is struck with a mysterious disease - the experts think it may be a cerebral tumor. Fearing the worst, Ben starts writing his will. On her first day as neuro-surgeon, Ellis has to quickly perform a difficult operation to save the life of a patient.
  • The Lone Free-Ranger
    Ben is asked by a terminally ill teen to not perform a scheduled operation on him, even though his parents want it done. Williams orders a Thanksgiving turkey from a questionable source and is surprised at how fresh it really is. An elderly woman, who claims she can sense when death is approaching a person, causes Stewart and Ellis to rethink a patient's diagnosis.moreless
  • Nathan's Hot Dog
    Nathan's Hot Dog
    Episode 6
    Dr. Chanley is an emotional wreck after she performs a life-altering operation on the wrong patient and then informs Ambrose that she's pregnant with his child, which he doesn't want. Meanwhile, Syphax and Jackson are rudely received when they drive the hospital's new mobile diagnostic vehicle into a rough neighborhood.
  • Straight Flush
    Straight Flush
    Episode 5
    After Ambrose botches an operation, Ben and Stewart go behind his back and perform the correct surgery, which leads Ambrose to discipline them both. A patient keeps eating people's possessions. Ellis's misdiagnoses nearly costs a boy his life; and Chanley receives some disturbing news.
  • A Farewell to Arm
    A Farewell to Arm
    Episode 4
    Nurses threaten to walk off the job unless a rapist is caught. Ben suggests Ambrose step aside during a complicated surgery. Gewn is confronted by the brother who once raped her; and Damon is furious after being demoted by Ben for trying to cover up a near-fatal mistake.
  • Bride and Prejudice
    Ben's mentor, Dr. Langston Ellis, visits the hospital and quickly causes problems with his condescending attitude. The rapist terrorizing the hospital strikes again; and a gunshot groom refuses surgery until he is married to his bride, who is about to give birth to their baby.
  • Jerque Du Soleil
    Jerque Du Soleil
    Episode 2
    Ellis works overtime to prepare for her father's impending visit, causing her to grow cranky to the point of mistreating an obese patient. A circus clown attempts suicide. Peeler unwittingly gives damaging testimony against Ben; and Grace breaks up with Weiss.
  • Leg Erie
    Leg Erie
    Episode 1
    A rapist terrorizes the hospital and causes the nurses to refuse to work night shifts. Also, Ben clashes with the medical director, and welcomes Dr. Raleigh Stewart, the new plastic surgeon, and a new psychiatrist.