City of Angels

Season 2 Episode 10

SWAT's Happening

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Dec 21, 2000 on CBS

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  • A great episode. It showed a side of gang life that is usually read in newspapers. While attempting to kill a rival gang member, Lucious along with Isaac and Marcus take everyone in the emergency room hostage. A hostage drama in a hospital, executed bet

    Lucious, Isaac and Marcus burst into the ER to kill a rival gang member. They also shoot three security guards and Dr. Stewart in his arm. Dr. Turner is allowed into the ER in exchange for two nurses and one non critical patient. Isaac has been shot by Lucious and dies on the table. When Dr. Turner points out that he was shot by a .45 instead of the 9mm that the guards carry, you can sense a change in Lucious. Lucious requests a jet to take him to Iraq (pre 9/11) and repeatedly states that he is "the man in here". Ultimately Dr. Turner stops Lucious' heart with an overdose of potassium as the police officers brgin to break into the emergency room. Marcus' life is saved by Dr. Jackson yanking him down to the floor at the last minute. The episode ends with Dr's Turner, Weiss & Williams taking the interns out for a beer to talk about their hectic day.