City of Angels

Season 1 Episode 11

When Worlds Colitis

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Mar 28, 2000 on CBS

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  • Wesley uses a story from Dr. Weiss to comfort a young girl after surgery. Harris fires Dr. Fleischman and tells him it was Turner's idea. Jackson tries to help a homeless man who eventually leaves the ER. Wesley and Ana go out and see something that will

    After hearing about Dr. Weiss' breast problems as a child, Wesley repeats this story to his young patient to cheer her up. Ana overhears this conversation and when Wesley asks her to go dancing, readily agrees. Jackson tries to treat Henry, who thinks he is the King of England, however he is diabetic and needs to have his leg amputated. He refuses and when Jackson returns to try and convince him, Henry has left the hospital. Ben tries to find Dr. Fleischman and explain that his firing was totally Harris' idea, but Dr. Fleischman passes away in the doctors lounge before Ben finds him. Wesley takes Ana out salsa dancing, where they are shocked to see Ben and Lillian dancing together.