Clamp School Detectives

Animax Entertainment (ended 1997)




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Clamp School Detectives

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Clamp Institute is the size of a small city. Shaped like a pentagram each star point houses a different level of grades for the school. There are over 10,000 residents of the Clamp Institute and all are welcome regardless of financial status if they possess talent.

The best and brightest attend the Institute and the best of the best is Nokoru Imonoyama. Nokuru is the Student Council President of the Elementary School Division. His best friends are Akira Ijuuin, Division Treasurer and the Division Secretary, Suoh Takamura

The trio form a detective agency, willing to solve any mystery or crime. Nokoru decides the club will focus on any damsel in distress and concentrate their efforts on aiding the female population of Clamp Institute.