Clarissa Explains It All

Nickelodeon (ended 1994)


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  • where it came from in wrestling territory

    that's something out of undertaker after he transitioned into the biker from 2000 to 2003 I like the broken matt hardy gimmick after all because of the episode of figure it out that never ran on nick gas may 8th 1998 speaking of nickelodeon before the nick gas effect
  • Melissa's first breakout role I remember

    Various ep (10)
  • I miss this show..

    I miss clarissa explains it all.. I mean look at the junk they have on nickelodeon these days! LOVE
  • You gotta love...


    old school nick man. She's not Sabrina she's Clarissa man! She could explain everything. I findthis show very under rated. Fergusin he was very funny. The only part is that I did'ntlike Sam. I'm sorry but I had a little crush on Clarissa and I always felt like they had something going on and I just did'nt like it.

  • It was good when i was 5 well... times CHANGE

    Lets just say that when I was a kid I liked it and when I watch it know (thanks to the DVD) I remember it wasnt that good in the first place.
    The plots suck... thats all i have to say...
    But the acting isnt that bad for a show mostly played bye 10 year olds...
    i give it a 5/10
  • I miss this show!

    This show tells the story of Clarissa Darling and how she faces everyday life as a teenager with her mom and dad, little brother Ferguson and her friend, Sam. It stars Mellissa Joan Heart before her "Sabrina" days. This show used to be on Nickalodeon, then, it came 'The N' or 'Noggin'. It was one of my favorite shows growing up. Season One came to DVD from Paramount but sadley, out of the 5 seasons that they made, the first season is the only one that got released. It's really hard to find copies of it. If you see a copy of it, pick it up. Let the 90's live in our hearts...forever.
  • Before she was Sabrina, she was Clarissa...

    I think the only parts I liked about this show were the little computer simulation games she used to make and the fact that her friend entered her room by climbing up a ladder and coming in through the window. Her brother was a doosh and her parents were like a ripoff from the Brady Bunch.
  • An annoying, yet cathy theme song. Not my favorite; the rest is perfect.

    It is, I swear.

    It's been a while since I caught CEIA on Nickelodeon, I think I was 9 the last time I watched it there! And now, I'm willing to get the DVD's.

    This was a very original TV Show. You could see the creativity, even on those video games Clarissa made on her computer. We all dreamed on doing that, and magically make text and pictures appear on our life screen.

    Then, have a best friend who could always visit us, and understand why we're annoyed at our siblings, or disappointed 'cause of our parents. I'm pretty sure we've all felt a connection, in at least one thing, with Clarissa. No doubt, haha.

    Great stuff for a 90's. It still looks cool.
  • This show is a true classic of Nick.

    What happened to Nickelode? It shows used to be so good, like Clarissa Explains it all was amazing. To me Nick is going down hill. I mean shows like "Catscratch", and " THe X's", what were they thinking. I mean even the resent eposiodes of "All That" are horrible. In my opion old Nick shows, like the old All That, Kennen and Kel, and Clarissa Explains it all were the best. Clarissa Explains it all was an awesome sho, and Mick should so show re runs of it. Clarrisa explains it all is one of my all time Nick favorites.
  • I absoluetly love this show and I miss it.

    I Absolutely Love Clarissa Explains It All!!!!!! I miss this show so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so much!!!! Clarissa Explains It All was and still is a huge part of the whole tween comedy dramas. This show sort of paved the way for the Unfabulouses and the Zoey 101s. It also paved the way for the Hannah Montanas and That's So Ravens. I dont know why this show was cancelled because it was one of the best show Nick had. The teens now enjoy the OC and One Tree Hill but deep down most of them miss the old Nick shows.

    I Love Clarissa Explains It All!!!!!!!!
  • My favorite Nick show from Nickelodeon\'s heyday. All the charactes were delightfully quirky, and the show was brilliantly written with insights into what teenagers deal with growing up.

    Clarissa was my favorite Nick show back in Nickelodeon\'s heyday. All the charactes were delightfully quirky, and the show was brilliantly written with insights into what teenagers deal with growing up: school, friends, family, peer pressure, etc. The show was so much fun what with the constant fantasy sequences and Clarissa\'s funky, colorful outfits. It was also great to watch because Clarissa constantly acted as a news reporter on her own life, breaking the fourth wall to speak directly and relate to the audience, and writing on the screen to demonstrate her points. The laugh track was played a little excessively on this show--the \"audience\" seemed to laugh at everything, but that\'s still part of what I like about the show because it\'s sort of satirical, and it\'s all part of the show\'s quirky fun. \"Clarissa\" is also kind of Seinfeld-esque in how it deals with mundane tiopics in an amusing way. I taped a bunch of these shows when it recently aired on the N channel. I was very disappointed when it went off. I\'m very glad they\'ve started releasing Clarissa DVD sets, so I hope the rest of the seasons will come out soon!
  • Excellente!

    Excellente y mas q Excellente! Es genial ademas me encanta Melissa Joan Hart, es una de las mejores actrices que existen, aguante clarissa y todos los proyectos en los q estubo involucrada esta actriz, tales como sabrina, otro clasico de nick. Es gracioso, ademas es una sitcom de epoca, es genial, me encanta!
  • One of Nicks classics

    I started watching this show when I was like 4. When I think of all the great shows that used to be on Nick it makes me sad because I miss them. I bought the dvd set of the 1st season. It was great I remembered watching the episodes when I was little. I would have to say that Clarissa is one of my favorite Nickelodeon shows of all time.
  • Great Show

    Overall, the show was extremely good, with the combination of the family's odd eating habits, to Sam's overall oddness. This was certainly one of the best shows of the "Classic Nickelodeon" genre, due to it's comic elements of subtle, yet noticable, humor. The show was strongly impacted by the supporting charachters.
  • Clarissa basically explains people's motivations behind peoples actions.

    This is a really great show and it should be aired again! I really miss CEIA!! It was one of the best shows ever and I love it! It is so cool and awsome! If you have never ever seen it, you can go buy or rent the dvd! Cool!