Clarissa Explains It All - Season 2

Nickelodeon (ended 1994)


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Episode Guide

  • Total TV
    Total TV
    Episode 13
    Clarissa encounters difficulties watching television continuously for 24 hours for a school scientific research project. She even begins to think she's going mad when strange things occur until Sam points out that Ferguson is playing a prank on her. She then enlists Sam and Hillary's help in playing a revenge trick on Ferguson.moreless
  • A New Look
    A New Look
    Episode 12
    Marshall comes home from the shopping mall having been approached by a talent scout to appear in an advertising campaign. Ferguson leaps on it and he encourages Marshall to act very strangely. Meantime, Clarissa decides that she misses the attentions of Clifford Spleenhurfer and tries to do something about it. With Sam's assistance, she manages to get up the courage to invite Clifford over. When Clifford does come over it coincides with the visit of the talent scout, and things take a surprising turn.moreless
  • Sam in Love
    Sam in Love
    Episode 11
    After helping Sam to land a new girlfriend, Elise Quackenbush, Clarissa feels left out when Sam cancels his plans with her to spend more time with Elise.
  • 6/14/92
    Clarissa's school guidance counselor, Ms. Cheesebrow, makes Clarissa try more 'normal' activities, such as Home Ec and Cheerleading. But Clarissa soon learns that one person's normal is another's abnormal.
  • Can't Buy Love
    Episode 9
    Clarissa starts to receive gifts from a secret admirer who seems to know everything about her. Meanwhile Ferguson has made a new friend, the extremely wealthy J Elliot Fundsworth III, who is introducing him to the world of the hyper rich. On finding Ferguson and Elliot in her room, Clarissa discovers to her considerable horror that he is in fact her secret admirer. She also discovers that he is using Ferguson as a way to get to her, and isn't really his friend at all. Clarissa agonises over how to tell Ferguson reasonably gently - she reasons "I don't want him crushed, only slightly dented!".moreless
  • The Understudy
    Episode 8
    Clarissa gets chosen as the understudy for the lead in the school play. She is extremely happy about this 'easy job' until the lead comes down with sore throat on opening night. Ferguson tries to 'help' Clarissa learn her lines in time, but secretly has her memorizing the lines to several other different plays.moreless
  • ME 101
    Episode 7
    After failing a magazine quiz on 'How Well Do You Know Your Daughter?', Janet attempts to get to know Clarissa better. But Clarissa gets fed up when her mom plans to take her to a concert and even dresses like her.
  • The Great Debate
    Episode 6
    Clarissa becomes worried about her parents' marriage when a debate starts between the two of them. Marshall wants to follow his dream of building a brand new mall, while Janet is more concerned about saving the trees on the same piece of property.
  • 9/12/92
    When Janet and Marshall arrange to go to New York to attend an architects convention, they invite Aunt Mafalda down to look after Clarissa and Ferguson. Clarissa has a slumber party planned and is terrified of embarrassment in front of all her friends. Sam comes to the rescue by arranging for Mafalda to go to a hockey match with his father. All seems to be going well until a previous scam of Clarissa's comes back to haunt her.moreless
  • President Ferguson
    Episode 4
    Clarissa tries to stop her brother's campaign for class president from consuming all the family's resources. As the day of the vote approaches Ferguson realizes that Clarissa's popularity at school is useful in his campaign.
  • Sam Darling
    Episode 3
    While staying with the Darlings for a weekend, Sam seems to be spending all of his time with Mr. and Mrs. Darling, making Clarissa jealous. Both Ferguson and Clarissa plan how to get rid of Sam.
  • 2/23/92
    In order to win a brand new car, Clarissa enters herself and Ferguson in a contest for siblings that have extraordinary relationships. When the editor for the magazine comes to interview the close siblings, it becomes a struggle for them to pretend to be friends.
  • Crush
    Episode 1
    Clarissa finds herself with an unwanted crush on a TV weatherman. She starts bringing weather predictions into all kind of aspects of the family's life, and then enlists Sam's help to set up a scam that will allow her to meet the subject of her crush.