Clarissa Explains It All - Season 3

Nickelodeon (ended 1994)


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Episode Guide

  • Blind Date
    Episode 13
    After Sam sets himself and Clarissa up on a double blind date, Clarissa starts to contemplate all the ways that the date could go bad and what her blind date Milton might be like. Meanwhile, Ferguson takes an interest in law and starts filing suits for his parents without their knowledge.moreless
  • Marshall's Parents Visit
    The Darlings are in for a surprise when Marshall's parents come to visit and have completely changed. Clarissa also must figure out how to be the DJ at her grandparent's anniversary party and go to a Pearl Jam concert with Sam on the same night.
  • Life of Crime
    Life of Crime
    Episode 11
    Clarissa is in possession of a piece of very adult underwear having accidentally removed it from a shop when hassled to leave in a hurry at closing time. She tries to return it to the shop, but her plan doesn't work. She's even more alarmed when she discovers she can't even bring herself to tell Sam about it. Meanwhile, Ferguson begins to suspect that she's hiding something. She starts reflecting on what her future might be if she gets caught.
  • Football Fever
    Football Fever
    Episode 10
    Marshall bets his neighbour that a Darling can make the varsity football team. But Ferguson realizes that the only way he's going to make it is by marketing himself as the Smallest Student Football Player. Clarissa runs Ferguson ragged during special 'training' for football try-outs.
  • Marshall's Midlife Crisis
    As Marshall's birthday arrives, he loses interest in everything and decides to sell the house and move the entire family to Mango Island. Everyone goes along with the idea until Marshall has a couple interested in buying come look at the house and they realize just how serious he is.
  • 12/19/92
    Clarissa tries to ruin Ferguson's new romance with Fiona by giving him lots of bad advice. But her plan backfires when numerous girls from school start to go crazy for him.
  • Involunteering
    Episode 7
    After Janet asks the family to participate in Volunteer Day at the Children's museum, Clarissa tries to figure out a way to escape her duty of helping out.
  • 11/28/92
    After having an argument with Clarissa, Ferguson tries to get her back by giving her the Silent Treatment. Clarissa has to figure out how to get him to talk and break his silence. Meanwhile, Janet gets paranoid over being a juror at mobster Fishface Eddie's trial.
  • Punch the Clock
    Episode 5
    Clarissa seeks employment to cure her Empty Pockets Syndrome, and gets more than she bargained for when she ends up with four jobs. Trying all of them for a week or two, she ends up so tired that she can't enjoy the money she's making. Then things take a turn for the worse when she starts to make mistakes because she's overworked.moreless
  • Sam's Swan Song
    Episode 4
    Sam's mother, Debbie, returns from the Roller Derby with plans to make a new life with Sam. She plans to take him and move to Seattle where they will live in a mobile home while running a combined Laundromat and health food store. Sam is not over keen on the idea, and enlists Clarissa's help to try to persuade Debbie that it's a bad idea. Their various attempts to discuss the situation with her fail, and Clarissa fears the worst.moreless
  • Poetic Justice
    Episode 3
    Clarissa is chosen to represent her school at a poetry banquet after her computer helps her write a strange but well-loved poem.
  • The Darling Wars
    Episode 2
    Clarissa and Ferguson are left home for the night and try to scare each other with a huge war of spooky pranks. However, they both end up being scared out of their wits when someone tries to invade the house.
  • Janet's Old Boyfriend
    Janet's old high school boyfriend Joey Russo, a famous writer, comes back to town and Janet invites him over to have dinner with the family. However, things don't go well when tension builds between Marshall and Joey and Joey proves to not be too helpful when he offers Clarissa advice on a paper she's writing.moreless
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