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  • Clash on!

    Hmmm, when I thought I was psyched for the title. I was ready. But when I watch it, the only thing I said was...."Huh?" And that's what "Clash of the choirs" is. You take 5 superstar artists and assemble a 20-person choir to perform pop songs and holiday favorites. I like having the host here, but she is a little annoying at times. And altough the choir directors can't watch, they judge after every performance. I would've prefered either Mary Murphy or Nigel Lythgoe to do this. Maybe Randy Jackson wanted it in, too. Oh well, NBC. Good for a title, bad for a format either.
  • ok show...

    I was just flipping through and I saw Blake Shelton on tv so I stopped...I know, that's a sad reason to watch a show. I'm a country fan, but not really a big Blake fan. Anyways, I watched the show and Nick, Blake, and Patty did well. The choirs were very talented. I'm not sure if the show is planning to do other celebrities and their choirs or not, but it would be nice if they did. I liked the idea of the show, I didn't like the judges though. The host was ok. Overall, a decent new show that I might watch every once and a while.
  • I guess I like this show but I noticed some errors. I don't like the Judge Michael Bolton because he has to leave his top part of the shirt unbuttoned and you can see his chest hairs and thats just gross. I like listening to all the music and their good.

    Now I think they should have Judges that are not in the competition because for example if team Bolton preformed and if all the judges say that his choir was great or something like that then their putting his choir in front of the judges choir. And why do they have judges anyway? Because it's America's vote, America's decision, and Judges to what in the show? what do they judge?. I'm routing for Patty LeBelle because I think she has the best choir and I was routing for that young African American girl's choir but they got eliminated. And the show is only entertaining when they sing so I'm bored when their not singing. So I give one thumbs up and one thumbs down to this show.
  • Clash of the Choirs !! Lets get ready to rumble!!!

    Unreal. Stumbled across this last night. Who comes up with ideas like this? Now if the choirs were beating each other up with giant tuning forks, I might want to watch this. Otherwise its as dull as watching grass grow. This reality show craze is out of control. Watch as 5 people assemble a choir! Im on the edge of my seat! Its like watching your dad assemble toys on Christmas Eve, but far less interesting. I know theres a writers strike on and networks are desperate for material to fill time slots, but this is NOT the answer. NBC, try rerunning HEROES Season 1 from the beginning. That I would watch (better than the lackluster Season 2 by far).