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Season 1 Episode 1

Series 1 Episode 1

Aired Unknown Apr 07, 1994 on ITV
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Series 1 Episode 1
When her husband Duncan disappears in the company of a young tart, Kate Swift discovers that all their money has disappeared too, and she is arrested as his accomplice. Spending 6 months in jail, she meets a young Aussie burglar who helps get her house back, and also gains the assistance of a disgraced journalist in finding out what happened to her husband. If they can avoid the mysterious person who is trying to kill them.moreless

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  • Episode One. What Happened TO Duncan Swift? Three unlikely characters team up to find out!

    A nice opening to the programme see's Duncan Swift, Kate's husband being photographed with a bimbo by a very young looking Brian Capron (corrie's Richard Hillman),the bimbo herself is Beryl Chapman(Lucy Benjamin) who leads "Dunky!" to the park and watches as he's throttled from behind "See ya Dunky!" she waves walking away fluffing her perm.

    So we know straight away he's dead! Oblivious to this fact however Kate Swift (Joanna Lumley) is on her way to court,facing the wrap for her husband,s crimes and being advised by friend Mickey that nothing can happen to her because a journalist never reveals his sources, on the stand though it's a different story, when the judge congratulates a member of the press for revealing his sources "Thank you Mr Booker!", Kate shouts about various things she'd like to do to Jack's anatomy, before she is lead away to a six month jail sentence.

    Jack Booker (John Bowe) is now a disgrace at the paper and is fired, begging for another chance, he decides to try and solve the mystery surrounding Duncan Swift.

    Kate meanwhile is settling into prison life by doing the gardening, a group of inmates lead by young Australian Gloria O Grady (Nadine Garner) decide to teach her who's boss, Kate lets slip she's in for mutilation and a scared Gloria backs off, soon they become friends.

    Six months up and Kate is free, Gloria tags along and helps evict a squatting house keeper from Kates home, in return Gloria is offered a home, as long as she does everything in it.

    Meanwhile Jack returns to the paper trying to dig up the truth on Duncan Swift, when he is escorted from the building a car pulls up and he is shot.

    Recovering in hospital he is questioned by Inspector Latham (James Gaddas), who really doesn't care and delights in winding up Jack because of an article he wrote about his police skills, Jack however realises he must be onto something with Duncan Swift and decides to go and warn Kate.

    Kate is of course thrilled to see Jack, she punches him hard in the stomach, then looks puzzled while he writhes in agony on the floor "It wasn't that hard!" she shrugs "I've just been shot!" he splutters showing her the bandaged wound, "Really?" she ask's pouring him a whisky "when you've had that get out!", Gloria enters carrying a biscuit tin "Oy Princess cop aload of this!" showing Kate a bomb, Jack panics but Gloria is unfazed claiming its harmless little burner meant to set the place alight, "Dunny!" she shouts "Out me way!".

    Outside Gloria decide's that its safe to go back "probably just cracked the pan a little" she says, but as Kate heads back, Jack realises his watch is wrong and drags her out of the way as the whole house goes up, coughing and spluttering Kate is furious with Gloria "So I was a little bit wrong!" she snaps looking at what is left of the house.

    Kate realising she could have been killed heads for sanctuary with "Daddy", the equally penniless Horrace (Richard Vernon), taking Gloria and Jack with her, she cosies up to Mickey trying to find out about Duncan's money but he doesn't help her, and Gloria lets Horrace know its hands off!

    Visiting a former client of Duncans, Kate and Jack find themselves with a dead body, and as Kate has picked up another gun for protection, while Jack cowers away, she is chief suspect.

    Inspector Latham has the job of questioning her and Jack and when he makes a remark Kate doesn't like she slaps him "I shall be speaking to your superiors!" she says as Latham warns her off the investigation.

    Meanwhile Beryl Chapman is back and Kate decides to pay her a visit, with Jack guarding the front and Gloria ripping out the phone and guarding the back, Kate has a little chat with Beryl, Beryl is pretty scared but says she doesn't know anything about Duncan's money or him, Kate see's her biscuit tin and knows she's involved, she tells Beryl she's going to torch her house so she can go, Beryl shrieks and runs away.

    They track down the photographer, who blows up some pictures of Beryl and Duncan that night and Jack notices the same car in the background as the one he was shot from, he also gives Kate a gold ring he found at Beryl's, it was Duncan's and Kate realising that he'd never have given it to her, accepts her husband is dead, consoled by Gloria she decides to go and see Mickey.

    Jack phones a reluctant Latham to find out about the car, then rushes out shocked.

    Gloria is busy removing rubble from Kate's house when Jack rushes in worried looking for Kate.

    Kate meanwhile is having a heart to heart with Mickey about old times, she then pulls a gun on him and shows him the photo of him and Duncan with the car, she then feels a shotgun pressed at her head.

    Jack and Gloria arrive outside Mickey's and Gloria hooks a rope over the balcolny and climbs the side of the building.

    Kate is now tied up and facing another buscuit tin bomb while Beryl holds the shotgun on her, as she and Mickey do a runner Jack plucks up the courage and fights Mickey, while Gloria deals with Beryl.

    Jack goes to save Kate, he remarks that being bound and gagged is a good look for her, while Kate desperately tries to tell him there's a bomb on the table, eventually he gets the message and panics, picking it up he trips on the rug and hurls it over the balcolny, just as Mickey is driving away it lands in the back seat.

    Jack Kate and Gloria leave Beryl tied to the railings and walk off, Kate decides to offer Jack a job, Gloria wills him to take it promising the money is great.

    The humour and adventure in this opening episode introduced the characters nicely and made me desperate for the next episode, there wasn't anything like this on tv at the time, it was a nice escape from real life, just a bit of fun.moreless

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