Class of 3000

Season 1 Episode 10

Am I Blue?

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Feb 16, 2007 on Cartoon Network

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  • The gang except Eddie turns blue and they think that is why they play good. They were wrong.

    Ok so at the beggining of this episode they are getting ready for this big performance but they all get turned blue(except for Eddie) and they do very well but think it is because they are blue. Later they refuse to practice and do blue stuff. Even when they lose thier blue color, they try deperatly to get it back and not to practice. In the end they do very bad, (even though thier blue) and Eddie and Sunny save the day with some music and a lesson. So in the end everything works out. All in all it was a a little better than an average episode.
  • I like the lesson of this episode

    The show, once again, has done well! They do look cool when they're blue! But Eddie's preformance was great! The return of Philly Phil's dad and this time, he really embaresses Philly Phil by telling his freinds of his stuffed animals in the basement! That Mr. Giraffe was hilarious! That freaky stare! And Lil`D never quits with the "image" thing! That poor dancer keeps on breaking her bones! It turns out that the big fella from "Funky Monkey" is sorta like a fan-girl on the "Blue" team. The song's kinda weird, though. Eddie is still hitting on Tamika, like he should! And I never knew that Eddie is good at ventriloquism! Good episode!
  • Odd.....

    Did anyone see a lot of diffrent things with this episode?

    Kam as a pimp?!?
    Lil' D and Philly Phil as twins?
    Madison as a smart person?
    Tamika as a person that would need a lot of control?
    Kim as a rich girl?

    That and the refrance to Jeep and also did you notice the tomatoes?

    The tomatoes are attacking! Its the attack of the not so killer yet just as bad tomatoes.

    Nice to see some of the older characters?

    Mrs. Glunterchouder, Cheeder Man, the two upper classmen, and Mrs. Lopez, Philly Phil's dad, and others?

    A very odd episode. Very odd indeed.

    7/10 - Show.
    7.5/10 - Song.
  • Lil' D and the gang neglects their music talents after Philly Phil turns them blue...literally.

    "Love In The Hair...Net" was kinda disappointing last week, but "Am I Blue?" was able to get this show back on track.

    As always, Sunny is teaching Lil' D and the rest of his friends in hopes they can improve on their talents for an upcoming school event. After recalling some previos incidents, Lil' D is convinced that having a gimmick would help them, using Philly Phil's invention. But his invention backfires on them, turning them (except Eddie) all blue; but instead of being booed off, the gang are praised and soon, they began to ditched music practice, which only resulted them in learning that gimmicks aren't the answer.

    Good and original is how I describe this episode.