Class of 3000

Season 1 Episode 7

Brotha From The Third Rock

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Jan 26, 2007 on Cartoon Network

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  • I'm relieved by this one. At last they make an episode that isn't mostly stupid. The music still sucks.

    I've waited for one of these. I started losing hope and thought this show would fall into mediocrity. Then this happened.

    It's not an AMAZING episode, but it greatly inproves from the dumb plots we've had earlier. (A mutant sloppy joe that's vulnerable to terrible 70's music?)

    So Phil trys to go into space to find aliens, but there's a mishap in trajectory and he crashlands back home, and breaks his glasses in the collision, thinking that he's on an alien world. Then the Men in Black (a really stupid version of them) abducts him and puts him in Area 51, in Roswell, Georgia? That's a weird one, but at least some jokes didn't end in "Ow! My eye!" and were a little funny. it was mostly watchable.

    But once again, I've had to change the channel when the horrid music video pops on, Andre's just messin' with us now. He KNOWS he can make stuff much better...oh well, at least he was in the "Walk It Out" remix, though that song was nowhere near as incredible as Nas' "Hip Hop Is Dead".
  • This is the best episode ever!

    I LOVE this episode! A character-based episode about Philly Phil! We saw his home, his parents, his room, we learned that he's got allergies and wears glasses not goggles, FINALLY saw Eddie's mom, and another hinting of Tamika and Eddie! Clearly, this made me smile and giggle of Philly Phil's silliness! The song's weird, though. Something about ninja aliens. But besides that, it looks good! Philly Phil looks so cute when he looks embaressed when his parents and his friends are at the same room at the same time! I like Tamika's responce of Philly Phil! I REALLY love this!
  • About time all the chracters got the same amoutn of screen time...or close to it.

    This was great. A HUGH improvment from "The Devil and Lil' D". That one was bad and this was great. Starting off we found out where each student's past was. Well all but Kim but we can classify her with Kam. Speaking of Kam, I loved how he acted in this show. Rudeness and smartarse remarks. I know he had it in him. "That is both smart and stupid at the same time." That has to be my favoriate line of this show. Then the whole thing with Philly Phil blasting off to the far off planet of Earth, that was funny as-well but it was over-done.

    This is odd to me but has anyone noticed the refrances to "Futurama" in this show?
  • A Philly Phil-centric episode!

    After weeks of no new episodes, Andre's "Class of 3000" finally resumes with new episodes for the new year, starting off with "Brotha From The Third Rock", starring the eccentric Philly Phil.

    While trying to showcase their culture, Philly Phil shows the class of what he consider to be "musics" from outer space, leaving most his friends skeptical of his claims. Encouraged by Sunny, Philly Phil decided to prove to his friends that aliens do exist by going to outer space. But a mishap with Eddie's father caused him to land back on Earth, where he's mistaken for an alien by the government. When his friends realizes what's going on, they must go to his aid before the government performs a few unfortunate experiments to the eccentric Phil.

    Very humorous and without becoming stale, "Brotha From The Third Rock" is one of my favorite episode to watch.