Class of 3000

Season 1 Episode 5

Eddie's Money

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Dec 01, 2006 on Cartoon Network

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  • Very good esipode and and very good lesson in life,be grateful of what you got and that's happiness and nice blues mix with hip hop and i love it

    Eddie takes sunny's magical compass to find his real gift,happyness and i got to get andre props for this esipode be grateful for happyiness and for when you got cause that was all the blues all about and a little mix of hip hop too now i got a new favorite song 1:Throwdown, 2:O Peanut And 3:Rich Shade Of Blue cooler andre and keep up the good work,s*** if you make the next video the devil and lil' d off the hook with mess i be the editor of this mess but keep on doing what you doing,man and keep it ATL!
  • When Eddie feels down, Sunny gives him a compass to guide him to his real present, which leads to an adventure in Atlanta.

    "Eddie's Money" is perhaps not only one of the best episode to watch, but it is interesting that it is the first to focus on another character besides Lil' D or Sunny.

    The episode begins with Sunny teaching his students to sing the blues, but notice that Eddie isn't going with the rhythm, claiming to have a good time all the time. On his birthday, however, Eddie realize that everything money can get didn't made him satisfy; fortunately, Sunny hands Eddie a compass that supposedly show his real present, and with Lil' D, he embarks to find out what is, and along the way, learns to appreciate what he already have, something money could never buy nor replace.

    A unique episode, with great music and animation, Eddie's Money is not one to miss out on.
  • Eddie learns to be happy with all he has.

    Well this was mostly about Eddie though I dont know why one of the pre-views did not make it in to the show. Anyway this show was about Eddie not taking care of his things. Eddie and Lil' D go on a trip all over Atlanta from Bankhead to Buckhead. All the while seeing all the "street" has to offer. Lil'D knows Eddie cant live in the city without him when he leaves. And Lil' D was right.

    The kids meanwhile try to stop the party from ending by taking the pinaita and making it look like Eddie.

    Overall I am not a Blues fan. Because of this I did not care for the song.

    Song Rank: 5th Best.
    Show Rank: 5th Best.