Class of 3000

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Friday 12:00 AM Nov 03, 2006 on Cartoon Network

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  • Not bad,but is need a little more excitement now this is the first esipode and the beginning of the class of 3000 saga and i hope it never ends not bad,but it's need more atl humor,more atl music and it's need to be a little similar to atl this ep is geni

    Li'l D was crushed when sunny and his music teacher end up missing on the same day so he arrange a benefit concert to raise money for a new teacher and at the end he ends up with his idol sunny bridges now i got a few things to say about this esipode very dramatic,very funny well excepted for the part when sunny was rhyming to li'l d in the pawn shop and the music has a message to it like life without music and the throwdown joint was off the hook but a little wack the way madison mess-up by screwing up the whole song and my favorite characters are sunny,li'l d and madison now madision is straight up funny when she can't shut the f*** up all the them and that's the new generation of funny and i think we would give this series a chance but andre here's some advice if you want represent atl,be just like t.i. in 'ATL" except with all the drugs or the racism and sex just like atl but in your own way
  • Needs some work, if it improves, I'll watch later episodes.

    It's original for a show of it's type, but the jokes were at a minimum. The only ones I laughed at were the (obviously Wayans Bros. style) preacher joke, the rich kid's dad's note was a little funny, and some of the lines from the (possibly insane by my judegement) blonde girl hit the funny bone a little. But the plot line dragged on for too long. We already knew how it was going to end, just hurry it up! The musak at the end was a little annoying, since the chorus was repeated a million times, and I only remember one verse for it. The "video" for it...freakin' hideous. The animation deteriorated into flash and the same retarded old bull crap was shown every twenty-five seconds. And I LISTEN to Outkast for cryin' out loud! This was Andre's worst song...ever. His last stuff before this show with his friend Big Boi were great, deffinately the really creepy future predition "Bombs Over Baghdad" that he threw out way before Bush lied about the WMDs. That's it, my ranting's done. The how needs better jokes, better music, better plots, and it'll be more watchable. I'll "pedict" the future now...I see Big Boi appearing in an episode...Like we won't see that coming, unless he hates the show and doesn't want to help his friend out.
  • CN struck gold!

    I can't believe the negative reviews that are coming in already! This was an excellent start to a very promising series. Afterall, you can hardly go wrong with Andre 3000. This introduced us to some pretty good cultural stereotypes, excellent music, great comic timing, and a nice clash of old school Atlanta with today's hip hop music specially created for this show by Andre 3000 himself--though the drawing could use some work. I don't know why so many hate it after this one episode, especially with the music and stuff I mentioned but this looks like the show that might save CN down the stretch.
    If this show is to indeed carry on, it'll have to rely heavily on its stereotyped characters and music that only Andre 3000 can deliver. Keep it up!
  • Great Song.

    "Throwdown" is probably my favorite song of the series. I love all the other song but that song is my top dog favorite!!! Well, so far it is. There's bound to be lots more music videos in the episodes to come and "Throwdown" will probably be overthrown by another video as my fave. My other sisters' fave video is "Throwdown" also so I guess we are related and I'm not adopted. My faverite part of the video is most likely be when Madison says her astrological sign instead of the instrument that she plays and Sunny has to correct her. I just grinned the first time I heard that.
  • I wierd adventure begins.

    This was a very wierd episode. Sum of it made absolutly no sense. I liked Sunnys house though. I thought Lil' D was cool. They dud a good job I can't wait for the next episode it was just really wierd. When the next episode comes I'll watch it but I'm looking for a little more in the next episode.
  • Clean up of bits of brains on aisle five!

    Cartoon Network... no. I know you want to hop on the urban culture band wagon with like most outlets of entertainment. Hey there's nothing wrong with that it brings in the ratings, although first and fore most the show must be decent. From the looks of things of the ridiculously long pilot I doubt it. The story is simple a group a young talented musicians that are culturally and get this racially diverse just for the sake of being diverse. Lose there music teacher and with the school's budget or lack of they will have to take another class. But wait a famous hip-hop idol who has taken a break of music and has no ambition of going back returns to his home town. Ironically enough his home town is the same place of the kids who need a teacher. You can put the pieces together from there. A plot that did not to be dragged out for one freaking hour. The story structure is abysmal being filled with too much fluff and not enough story advancement. The dialogue is repetitive and boring and lacks in flare or humor; shows like Foster, Billy and Mandy, and Lazzlo have.

    The animation, to be quite frank is awful. Thecharacters look very uninspired and boring. The background with blazing colors look like something a clown threw up. The mini music videos (I'll get into that later on) look pretty decent until you notice they're just recycling the same damn rainbow silloute and eye watering flashes. To sum it up they don't make animation like they used to and it looks dim of any sign of change.

    The one selling point of the show are the songs performed by the creator accompanied by a music video. Sure it's hip-hop flared and it doesn't sound that bad as something you'd hear on the radio but it's pretty dang close. The lyrics are laughable and just like the dialouge it's as sharp as a stick of butter. Adult Swim is on the right track with a music fuled show (Dethclok) Cartoon Network well as you can by this review is a definite negative.

    All in all this is just another half-assed show coming from a network that has been going in a downward plunge.
  • Class of 3000 gets off to a good start.

    Home, the pilot for the new animated series Class of 3000, has prove that Andre knows what animation should be, as well as making it entertaining in the process.

    The episode begins with a big concert that Sunny Bridges is going to perform, and the kids at Westly High, mainly Sunny's number one fan, Lil'D, can't wait. Then, the unthinkable occurs: Sunny retires from the music business in front of everyone, much to the surprise of Lil'D. To make matters worse, their music teacher has retired from his job, and the school plans to close the music classroom down. But Lil' D hatches a plan to make sure that the music classroom stays open, getting help at the right time from a certain star.

    From what I had just saw, I have a feeling that Class of 3000 is going to be one of CN's finest show ever.