Class of 3000

Season 1 Episode 9

Love Is in the Hair...Net

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Feb 09, 2007 on Cartoon Network

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  • Well this was random. Like random random.

    I'm not even gonna try to explain this episode. First off it was really random but still ok. The song was Luna Love leading by the principal Luna. Now for the random parts. Madison's hair is made out of spagetti? People ate an exploding meatball? Crazy love square? People battle with spatulas? A kid has a caterpillar egg in his ear? Woah. Random much. So yeah it was really random. Like really random. Theres nothing really much else to say. Should I just take up space by talking to myself? Wow I need a sentence thats really long like right now. Done.
  • Very nice show.

    This was a good show. It was very well written and rather strange. I dont know what Kam went though as a child but I hope Kim is ok. This song was very good. Luna and the lunch lady, Ms. Lopez and Sunny, Eddie and Tamika, and Philly Phil and the Chermistary teacher, why did this seem like a Valentine's Day episode? The song as I said before was great. There is not much more that I can say about this episode.
  • A love rectangle!

    What a romantic episode! Luna loves Ms. Squatanchowder, but she loves Sunny, but he loves Ms. Lopez! Now that's a love rectangle! Who knew that cooking untensials can break the love rectangle? This episode is the most romantic, and so far, the episode with Eddie flirting with Tamika the most times! Oh, the song is beautiful! A Spanish song! I love cultural music! It's funny to see the janitor air gutiar with a mop in his head! Madison is like a cupid, with some unexpected trouble in her hands. Who would've known that Philly Phil sketches alot, even on himself! Great episode!
  • To Weird and CRAZY!

    This episode is pretty crazy.It is about alot of love!Even the song was really about love!It even turned out that madison's hair was...SPAGETTI!What do you call a exploding meatball?A MEAT BOMB!What is #26 Spatula and Ms.Cottenchowder has #27?Anyways...the song was pretty short,but felt like you were in mexico!Even Principal Luna Always said "Fantastic!"Do you think this was the most really weird episode in Class Of 3000?Oh Ya...The song was called "Luna Love".The song was about Principal Luna Impressing Ms.Cottenchowder.I have a weird question.Would you like to eat an giant meat ball that explodes in 2 minutes?The awnser is probably yes...with spagetti.