Class of 3000

Season 1 Episode 12

Mini Mentors

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Apr 20, 2007 on Cartoon Network

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  • It just made the good.

    Wow, this episode was rather boring. It was a Sunny episode, which I thought would be good. Sunny turns small because he thought his mentor like abandoned him but he didn't he left him because he was too good and didn't need a mentor. So that's pretty much the whole plot. I thought it was boring just enough to make a good score. So that's pretty much it. This is probably going to be the smallest review I have ever wrote. Yeah, so overall it was a good episode but one of the worst in Class of 3000 history. Yeah.
  • I love the relationship between mentor and pupil!

    I thought it was so sweet how lil' D kept saying stuff like "Sunny always supports me even when I mess up,". I just love stuff like that. And the same thing happend between Sunny and his mentor. So sweet!!!!

    Sorry, I like sappy stuff like this. That's why I'm a little dissapointed that there aren't a lot of father/son or mentor/pupil fics for Lil' D and Sunny. But, I'll live.
  • Well this was a nice episode based on Sunny.

    It started out with a very weird person trying to destroy Sunnys class and take over the world so that is a bad start IMO. Then we learn that Sunny needs to do a deadacation for his mentor who Sunny thinks walked out on him. Sunny then shrinks from the pressure of writing a song. Later on we notice that his mentor did the same. Then the kids split up - Kam, Philly Phil, Tamika go after Sunnys mentor. Funny story about that, Philly Phil rigs a vacume to get Sunny's mentor but insted of getting him the vacume gets a carpet, some funiture, Phil's boots, and Kam's pants. Later on it seems that Kam never even notriced his pants were gone. Very awkward moment. - Kim, Lil' D, Eddie, and Madison went after Sunny. No funny stories there. - After the gang gathers them up - Yes Phil got his boots back and Kam got his pants back. - Sunny realizes that his mentor never walked out on him. Then Sunny and his mentor do a nice little jazz insturmental and the show ends.
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