Class of 3000

Season 2 Episode 2

Nothin' to Do It But to Do It

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Jun 14, 2007 on Cartoon Network

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  • I liked this one!

    This episode had its share of problems with plot. Westley is broke and the idea of a mandatory teacher retreat seemed odd. Also, if Sunny can complete his chores pressing buttons, why did he claim to need the day to complete them? Still cartoons like this need not be too reliant on consistency.
    The episode was very funny. I particularly liked Kim and Philly's struggle with the laundry. It amused me how Kim's remark about Sunny's wardrobe habits carried over to him mysteriously changing trunks while in the pool.
    Sunny's house was a hoot and reminiscent I think of a combination of old fashioned cartoons and the Beatle's animated movie, Yellow Submarine
    Finally, I must admit that Sunny in swim trunks for 1/3 of the episode would cover any multitude of possible shortcomings. ;-)
  • Things get out of hand when Li'l D throws away Sunny's instructions.

    Episode: 5/5
    Li'l D and his friends offer to help with the household chores when Sunny is required to go on a teacher's retreat. Sunny gives him a list of instructions to follow, but Li'l D doesn't pay attention and tosses it away without question. As a result, his classmates nearly end up getting clobbered by fish, giant plants, and killer laundry.

    I really enjoyed this episode, even though Li'l D was a little bit of a butthead. The teacher's retreat subplot was also fun to watch. The running gag with Luna's constant cannonballs in the swimming pool was a riot!

    Additional good moments for me include the lovestruck Eddie, the Tamika fish, and Sunny putting his arm around Ms. Lopez.

    Song: 5/5
    I really liked "Clean Up". Personally, I think it's one of CO3K's better songs. The cleaning lady's face kind of creeped me out a litle bit though.

    Overall: 10/10
    So far so good for Season 2. I'll be looking forward to the next episode for sure.
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