Class of 3000

Season 1 Episode 2

Peanuts! Get Yer Peanuts!

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Nov 10, 2006 on Cartoon Network
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Peanuts! Get Yer Peanuts!
The students are instructed by Sunny to use their creativity for the annual Peanut Pageant. If all goes well, the Peanut Council will give Westley School of Performing Arts money to fix some of the building's problems.

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  • My favorite so far.

    This was just a great show. Right from the start with Kam's flashback of the old teacher to the pageant itself. It starts simple enough. Time for each student to express how they feel when playing their insturments. Tamika starts of the show with her harp playing. Afterwards Madison goes with the thought of bumble bees. (I think Madison's lost her marbles.) Then goes Philly Phil with a 100 leagues under the ocean kind of thing. Next is Kim and Kam. Kim tries to tell Sunny that her brother has no imagination and we easily find out that she is right. Then Sunny tries to move on forgetting Lil'D. After letting Lil' D express himself class ends before Sunny can teach the class to work together. (Either school is short or that was the last class of the day.) Now time to learn of the pageant. The modern dance teacher lets Sunny know he is in charge of it. And he has until Friday to have it done. Not only that but the principal comes in and drops a load of paper on Sunny.

    The next day Sunny is falling asleep in class and is rudely awakened by Kam. "Great, now I have to fill out form 902. Make student eat her own symbols." After that diolague the class picks things to do. After they all file out Sunny turns around to find Kam sitting at his desk. After asking Kam what he was doing. Kam says, "Multimedia extravaganzas bore me. Paperwork, she is my friend." (Kam shows that he wants to help Sunny get done sooner.)

    After going though all the things the students are doing for the pageant we see that Sunny has got all but three things left to file. Yelling to Kam that he has a new paper to file we see Kam jump down to Sunny. (Kam is now wearing mountain climbers clothes.) After filing the papers Sunny hands him Kam gets bitten by a mountain goat and falls to the floor. (He gets up unhurt and back in his jacket and dress pants and loafers.) Then the dress rehearsal starts, and everything goes wrong.

    After some how getting the pageant over the school gets a $200 check. At this time the principal lets Sunny know that the peach pageant is coming soon. Then the Sunny's class starts to get it ready. (I wounder if they will even show a peach pageant.)

    Long story short, I liked it a lot. The song was nice, the story was nice, and the story flowed very well.moreless
  • Another stroke of musical and comedy genius for andre 300O Sunny is in charge of a peanut pagent,the kids use their creativity and sunny finally finds a women of his dreams and the "Oh peanuts"Song was offmoreless

    Sunny is in charge of a peanut pagent so he teach the kids to use their wild and creative imagination which they went too far and made a diaster but the funny thing was when the peanut man give westley high a $200.00 check man,that mess-up sunny when throught hell to get this pagent together and all his hardwork was a $200.00 check man sunny luck he a'int the selfish buckhead to bankhead sort of celebrity or he'll quit this job for real,but the oh peanut song was the most krunkfied song ever and is better that throwdown great esipode,great series,keep it up,andre and i'm looking forward to the class of 300O Soundtrack,your latest movie idlewild on dvd and the new outkast cd coming soon,Nice job,andre for a beginnermoreless
  • wait what?!i don't understand

    i loved the song for this episode and plot was good but the thing is it tried to tied to hard to be funny and thats what made me scratch my head because they tried squeezing so much comedy in that they got sorta wacky and stopped making sense. now like i said this episode had an excellent song to it.and the whole peanut pageant idea well it was unoriginal but the thing was that they did it so well and mixed around the pageant idea so that it bacame something new that we've never seen with a pageant idea. but anyway as i've been saying it tried to hard to be funny and thats where it messed up but everything else absolutelly perfectmoreless
  • Sunny must make the annual Peanut Pageant a success.

    "Peanuts! Get Yer Peanuts!" is another worthy episode of Class of 3000 to watch, and once again, it stays original as much as possible.

    The episode begins shortly after Home, where Sunny, adjusting to his new status as teacher, is quickly taking a big responsibility when Principal Luna wants him to prepare the school's annual Peanut Pageant to ensure donation for the school. Fortunately for Sunny, he gets a lot of help from his students, all taking his advice of creativity, which leads to a rather interesting result.

    Good animation, the plot is fresh and the music has made some improvements from last time.

    Overall, a 9.5 out of 10.moreless
Crystal Scales

Crystal Scales

Tamika Jones

Janice Kawaye

Janice Kawaye

Kim Chin/Kam Chin

Jennifer Hale

Jennifer Hale

Madison Spaghettini Papadopoulos

Phil LaMarr

Phil LaMarr

Philly Phil

Small Fire

Small Fire

Lil' D

Tom Kenny

Tom Kenny

Edward "Eddie" Phillip James Lawrence III

Crystal Scales

Crystal Scales

Peanut-Head Man, Drama Student #3

Guest Star

Jennifer Hale

Jennifer Hale

Miss Lopez, Drama Student #1

Guest Star

Tom Kenny

Tom Kenny

Coach Bareem, Driver

Guest Star

Phil LaMarr

Phil LaMarr

Elfron, Mr. Gawn

Recurring Role

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (9)

    • The is a controversy over one of Eddie's lines in the song "O, Peanuts" in this episode. When he turns into a cardboard cutout, he says the line "BUCKHEAD, yeah yeah, what." Many viewers think that he curses, and says "F***head, yeah yeah, what."
      ~The words may be unclear, and the VAs might slur their words, but they would NOT cuss on a children's show.

    • Eddie has ten fingers in this episode, while everyone else has only eight, as most cartoon characters do. However, Eddie usually has eight fingers as well.Response:that was just a joke saying that if you're rich you have ten fingers.

    • When Eddie points out "he was lucky to have all 10 fingers" Philly Phil says he only has 8.

    • Telling Sunny about the Peanut Pageant
      The beginning of the episode established that this was Sunny's first day as the new music teacher. But the modern dance instructor who told him about the Peanut Pageant and his role in such stated that the pageant was supposed to have been the previous Friday but she forgot to tell him so. How could she have told him previously if this was his FIRST day teaching?

    • The song for this episode is "O Peanut."

    • Lil' D's shirt is army type. When he moves, the same colors of his shirt don't follow. They change when he moves.

    • The Peanut Council gave Sunny $200 as a check.

    • Credits: Parts of the music video that were shown when the students were playing music as part of the Peanut Pageant.

    • Sunny does not shower because when he was younger, his dance teacher poured water on him.

  • QUOTES (12)

    • Sunny: Aright we're running out of time so Kim and Kam y'all gonna have to share y'all imagination.
      Kim: But he's got no imagination.
      Kam: Yes I do.
      (Kam plays piano)
      Sunny: Is that the best you can do?
      Kam: I'm wearing a helmet.
      (Kim grows to a giant and smashes her cymbols on Kam's head)

    • Sunny: (as a teenager and being nevous on stage) The peanut is nor a pea nor a nut.
      Dance Teacher: (shouting) Here comes the water!
      Sunny: Not again
      (water falls down on Sunny)

    • Edward: Shoot, I'm lucky to have five fingers.
      Philly Phil: You have five fingers (he count his 8 fingers) Wow! You are rich.

    • Madison: Oh, this finger exercise made me so happy, it felt like my finger was about to fall off.
      Philly Phil: So, why were you happy?
      Madison: (laughs) I'm always happy. Double duh!

    • Sunny: Ok, nobody makes any noise
      Tamika: There's something you don't here from a music teacher.
      Sunny: We'll here something else you didn't her from a music teacher. What the name of Coltrane where you thinking! Peanut oil, high voltage, nitrogen glycerine. Did you watch everybody was doing?
      Li'l D: No, you told us to use our creativity.
      Sunny: But, I told you fit in with everybody else.
      Li'l D: No, you didn't.
      Sunny: Did I, did I, didn't I?

    • Sunny: (after Tomika plays harp) How does that make you feel?
      Tamika: Like a drop of cold water on my face.
      Sunny: Don't just tell me, show me.

    • Lil' D: You forgot me!
      Sunny: Oh did I. Did I? Didn't I?

    • "O' Peanut"

      (Chorus) O' Peanut, We love you, baby.
      O' Peanut, We love you, baby.

      Eddie: Ready Sunny?
      Sunny: Ready Eddie.

      Eddie: Hey Dumbo, does your daddy know you wear a tutu?

      Sunny playing Saxophone

      Eddie playing Clarinet

      Kim: Ok but I still don't see how mice costumes are gonna help.

      Tamika: Elephants are afraid of mice right?

      Kim: I think that's just a myth...

      Tamika: Maybe... but the elephants don't know that!

      (Chorus) O' Peanut, We love you, baby.
      O' Peanut, We love you, baby.
      O' Peanut, We love you, baby.
      O' Peanut, We love you, baby.

      Eddie: Buckhead Yea Yea What, I rep my state might as well throw it up! See i've been eating peanuts since I was 2, May I recommend a top sauce or a soup, scoop!

      Li'l D" Peanut butter? Yea Or peanut brittle Yea peanut with some jelly and crackers that's in the middle All Right! I've been eating peanuts and stuff since I was little Bankhead Li'l D Madison play your fiddle!

      Madison: Ditto!
      (Fiddle Music)

      O' Peanut, We love you, baby.
      Lil'd rolls 1 of the cans,the tent blows up
      Head of School Circus:SPECTACULAR!
      Lil'd looking amazed
      O' Peanut, We love you, baby.
      O' Peanut, We (fade)

    • (after Lil' D performs on his drums)
      Li'l D: So,what did you think?
      Sunny: Not bad..for a beginner!

    • (While Lil' D laughs)
      Tamika: Anybody Laughs, they're dead!

    • Li'l D: (to Sunny) You know you're not bad as a teacher....for a beginner.

    • Sunny: I'm filling out a paperwork to make student eat her own cymbols.
      (Kim backs away)

  • NOTES (0)


    • Dance Teacher:I want you dancing like you've never danced before!

      this is a reference to the lyrics in the song "maniac" and a reference to the movie flashdance after which the teacher dumps water on the students

    • When L'il D plays the drums for him, his is a wrecking ball. There are pictures on the wall. One of the pictures that he hits is the cover of The Beatles' "Beatles for Sale" album.

    • Eddie calls the elephants "Dumbo." This is a reference to the 1941 Disney animated feature Dumbo.