Class of 3000

Season 2 Episode 5

Safety Last

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Jul 05, 2007 on Cartoon Network

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  • This episode was more exciting than what i planned on it being!

    The episode, Safety Last was on of the better episodes of class of 3k, and the second season is impressing more people, while the first got kinda boring at some episodes. Anyway, In Safety last, Eddie has a sheild of bubble wrap, and is in a limo in a toddler car seat, with a helmet, which my sister and i found hilariously funny! Im not a huge Eddie fan, I'd perfer kim or kam, but his episode i would agree is one of the best. With him being the prince to save Rapunzel, aka Tamika, and until the Rinasance people attack the auditorium, say that Tamika needs to get more into the character. All in all, i enjoyed this episode, and can't wait for the next new episode.
  • Eddie becomes sick of his parents saftey rules. Meanwhile Principal Lunar prepares against the "Renies".

    A good episode. Eddie's parents are so paranoid about saftey its funny. Plus that tights thing with the autitorium being destroied was hilrious. One of the great things with this episode was geting ready for the Ropunzle musical. Them getting prepared and then Al and Hal (Eddie's body guards) keep changing the script to ensure Eddie's saftey. In the end when Eddie stands up to all the danger of the battle and crashing through the new autitorium. The song to me temporaily named "Once Upon a Time" was pretty good but could have been a little better. So overall this episode was pretty good.
  • CO3K's second season continues to impress me!

    Episode: 5/5
    Once again Li'l D stirs up trouble when he insults people about their tights at the local Renaissance Fair. This leads to the school's auditorium being completely destroyed and the kids look to Eddie to get it repaired. In order to do so, Eddie has to lie to his parents to get the money, which causes more trouble when they find out later on. His parents become worried about his well-being, so they increase the security at the school to protect him. Eddie eventually drops out of the school play when things get to be too much for him and his classmates to handle. Sick of being told what is too dangerous for him, Eddie later tries to get back to the auditorium by any means necessary to resume his role in the production.

    It was nice to see more of Eddie's parents, especially his mother. Luna once again has an amusing side plot and his comment about the false Eddie statue was just, well, fantastic.

    Song: 5/5
    Fairy Tale themes win! I absolutely love fairy tales, so this video won me over pretty much right off the bat. It's cute how Madison thought wolf Luna was a pet and that Ms. Squattenchowder was the evil witch in the gingerbread house. I was able to figure out which character was who easily.

    Overall: 10/10 One more thing: Eddie the Prince and Tamika as Rapunzel = Instant win. That is all.