Class of 3000 - Season 1

Cartoon Network (ended 2008)


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Episode Guide

  • Mini Mentors
    Episode 12
    Sunny is slated to dedicate a new song to perform for Theotis "Bullfrog" Suggs, his old mentor, but the pressure to do so makes Sunny shrink down in size, so the kids help Sunny reunite with him so they can speak to each other in order to relieve their anxiety, especially since Bullfrog himself has also shrunken!moreless
  • Prank Yankers
    Episode 11
    In order to impress two popular older girls, Tamika starts pulling pranks, but when the popular girls frame her for doing a prank that she didn't do, she gets suspended.
  • Am I Blue?
    Episode 10
    The kids turn blue because of Philly Phil and after he does that, they start to think that their success is not due to their talent, but their color. In favor of being "stars", they avoid practice. However when the color wears off, trouble sets in.
  • 2/9/07
    Sunny helps Principal Luna impress the new lunch lady, Ms. Squattenchowder, by writing a song, but Madison finds the letter and believes that Sunny is love with the lunch lady.
  • Westley Side Story
    Episode 8
    The kids at Westley are challenged by rival school, Eastley School, while Kim and Kam's sibling rivalry grows.
  • 1/26/07
    Philly Phil goes in space to prove that alien life exists, but when he returns, he is taken to Roswell, Georgia, where the government believes that he's an alien.
  • 11/24/06
    The students unleash a toxic blob consisting of sloppy joes and radioactive ingredients after finding a treasure map that leads to a cave.
  • Eddie's Money
    Episode 5
    Using Sunny's magical compass, Eddie tries to find his real present on a trip all around Atlanta since he did not appreciate his expensive birthday.
  • Funky Monkey
    Episode 4
    Lil'D makes friends with a gorilla in order to be in a play, but the gorilla breaks out the zoo. He discovers that he can be in the play, however the gorilla has to perform the title role.
  • 12/15/06
    Lil'D signs a Soul Man Records contract, but instead of performing is own music, he finds himself shilling for products, so Sunny tries to get him out of the contract.
  • 11/10/06
    The students are instructed by Sunny to use their creativity for the annual Peanut Pageant. If all goes well, the Peanut Council will give Westley School of Performing Arts money to fix some of the building's problems.
  • Home
    Episode 1
    Sunny Bridges is tired of playing music, so he quits his job. What's worse is that Li'l D's music teacher quit his job too to work on a mine. So Lil D and the students try to get a new teacher by putting together a concert, but it doesn't work out as well as they planned, until Li'l D meets Sunny Bridges himself.moreless