Class of 3000

Season 2 Episode 6

Study Buddies

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Jul 12, 2007 on Cartoon Network

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  • The episode explaines some things from the past, with Sunny and Kam, and in a way Tamika.

    I thought the episode was very funny. I enjoyed it, esepecially when Kam was seeing so many illusions, when they were actually the class, and the lunch lady, Ms. Squatanchowder. The lockers just completley melted in the hallway, due to the intense heat, which was very funny because lockers usually don't melt. Tamika used eggs to show that the school was way to hot, and she was egging the school again. Well, Sunny and Lil D had to retake the History test because they both failed, Sunny failed when he was a first year and got away with it. And Sunny had to sing to remember the answers, but he couldnt sing durring the test. All in all, i thought the episode was histarically funny.
  • Sorry "Westly Side Story" but this is my new fav. episode.

    This was a great episode. A major heat wave hits the school and all the kids are feeling the heat. The one that feels it the most however is Kam. I thought this was going to be another Lil' D episode but most of it was based on Kam. The kids for the first time were shown in their bathing suits and the designers of the show did a great job with them except for Kam's. This episode also thought a lot about history in general. Overall very well plotted.
  • Kam goes off the deep end.

    After not seeing a Class of 3000 episode in awhile, it was good to see one again. This episode was great. A few things I didn't like first. I honestly don't see how Sunny, someone who failed the test like 20 years ago or something hsa to retake it. It's like he's not an adult or something. Like for some reaosn he didn't have to retake it before. The music wasn't too special, but it was still good. I loved the part where Kam goes crazy!!! That was so funny! And when they tried to make the giant fan, wow. I liked this episode, it was very good.