Class of 3000

Season 2 Episode 4

Tamika and the Beast

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Jun 28, 2007 on Cartoon Network

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  • We see more of Tamika's soft side here.

    Episode: 5/5
    Tamika gets charmed by the Beast, a rival drummer Li'l D is supposed to compete against in a local drumming competition. She gets to know him better, while her classmates, on the other hand, are completely terrified of the big guy. Rumors fly around that the Beast is rigging the competition by destroying the other competitors' drum sets (Li'l D goes through at least two). She later helps clear his name and it turns out the bitter runner-up was behind the destruction the whole time. Unfortunately, Tamika gets dumped without so much as a "thank you" at the end, leaving her pretty disappointed.

    Personally, I thought this was a cute episode based on Tamika, as we get to see more of her softer side. I got a kick out of Tamika's rampage, and also when the culprit had to choose between being in a cage with the lion, or face her wrath. Kim was cute in this episode as well, if not a bit on the air headed side.

    Song: 5/5
    I definitely didn't see this coming and it certainly is different. The video game influence is an interesting take for this episode's video. Overall: 10/10