Class of 3000

Season 1 Episode 6

The Hunt for Red Blobtober

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Nov 24, 2006 on Cartoon Network

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  • A good episode!

    I like this episode! It's so funny for the kids to say "Let me see" on the map! Philly Phil never fails me with him and his appitate and his ways of inventing! Chedder is SO cheap, with his "I'm evaporating! I'm evaporating! What a home! What a home!" and "There's no place like my crib! There's no place like my crib!" on his movie! Oh my goodness, a Pac-man parody! Eddie and his "Waka waka waka!" is funny!My favorite part is when Philly Phil is eating the chocolate treasure and testing the map by nibbling it! I love it!
  • Lil' D and the gang goes searches for a treasure, but gets more than they bargain for.

    "The Hunt For Red Blobtober" is an unusual, if not, strange episode, though at the same time, it remains humorous, along with its musics.

    The episode begans in the flea market, where Lil' D and his pals, including Sunny, are bringing their stuff to sell. While searching in Sunny's stuff, Lil' D finds a map that convinced him and the gang to go on a treasure hunt, meeting unusual people along the way, until they found their destination. But soon, they realize what they find is anything but treasure, and with Sunny Bridges' help, they set things right.

    Not a bad episode, but not my favorite to say the least.

    Still, the episode gets a 9 out of 10, simply for the humor.
  • Good Esipode,Great Flashback Story And the music in the background was bumpin like ATL,Keep it coming,andre

    When the class finds a treasure map they off on a hilarious
    but funny quest to find sunny's treasure but end up finding a blob from sunny's past and the only way to stop the beast was to play it some classical funk and it was hilarious,spectualar and the most brilliant idea remix of the hunt for red october,genius,genius,GENIUS, and i love it,great job andre,but you should do some about the music for your show it a very good comedy series but it need more atl flavor like t.i.,david banner and a little bit of ludacris and scott storch production more flavor and more krunkier lyrics and more creative production
  • A must watch show.

    Just as I thought. Class of 3000 made a large rebound from last weeks show. Unlike the last show which starts out boring this one starts out very nice. Then it changes pace many times to keep you guessing. There are so many funny moments in just the first half of the show alone, to many to describe. The song is ok but not the best. I would give the song an 8.75 out of 10.

    One of my favorite moments of the show is when the kids trudge though the marsh. Then Kam walks across the bridge he was smart enough to use.

    Another cool moment is when Lil\\\' D thinks Sunny was a pirate. Kam again being the only to to not believe it.

    Show: 10/10
    Song: 8.75/10

    My show ranking: 2nd Best.
    My song ranking: 3rd Best.
  • This episode is kinda like an episode of Hamtaro only with action in it wow how adventures A great episode.

    This episode is kinda like an episode of Hamtaro only with action in it wow how adventures A great episode.
    I love this episode that sludge kinda looks like that sludge super Mario sunshine A great episode Class of 3000 rocks out loud sunny bridges was with a band that was called the jolly roger pirates or whatever there called.