Class of 3000

Season 2 Episode 1

Too Cool for School

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Jun 07, 2007 on Cartoon Network

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  • I expected something good out of this episode. I was rather disappointed.

    Well I liked the song. That is, till the end. Then it got bad. More or less this whole episode is a rip-off of the Disney show "The Replacements". Even down to the moral. Thought there is no "Fleemco" it is just the same. I do like CO3K but when you copy something like "The Replacements" like this did I like it a lot less. I hope for a better Season 2. Who knows though.
  • Eh, better than Funky Monkey and Prank Yankers, but I've seen better.

    Okay, it starts off with Sunny and the kids climbing Mt. Everest (Which he moved to his yard) to visit a monk settlement. Once done, their old and boring science teacher, Mr. Bohr, gets frozen. Kim manages to hire the famous actor Greyson Brooding to be their new science teacher (As in SCIENCE acting). Kam doesn't seem to be thrilled, and it seems go go all downhill from there. Kim switches her phone with Sunny's phone, and hires Bobby Jack Lawry (At Philly Phil's request) to be their new history teacher. This leads to more and more celeberities, and the kids love it untill they get out of hand (Tamika having to use Phil as a battering ram to get to their lockers!). Sunny than gets (swallows) the phone as Kim is talking to Boynce Knowles ("Kim, are you digesting something""). The other teachers end up quitting because they got replaced. It ends with the "Farm Song", which causes all the celebrities to leave.

    Overall, I have to give this episode and song-

    Episode- 11th
    Song- 13th

    Quite a disapointment. I expect better from the new episodes "Nothin To it But to Do it" and "Free Philly".
  • Kim has a vain moment.

    Well I liked this episode it was good and about Kim. She wants to replace all the teachers with celebrities. It all works out till Sunny gets replaced because of Kim. In the end it all works out when Kim announces that the new in is farming instead of teaching and all the teachers come back. It was nice to see a Kim episode. It was funny when it was like "Don't twist my words woman!" and yeah. So yeah. It was great compared to other episodes I guess the song Farm Boy was also okay and stuff that's my review.