Class of 3000

Season 1 Episode 8

Westley Side Story

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Feb 02, 2007 on Cartoon Network

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  • I love this episode, it is one of my favorites, so is too cool for school!!

    The episode, staring Kim and Kam chin (Janice Kwane) is one of the best episodes of class of 3000 yet aired!! I think this is one of the best episodes that will ever be produced!! Many may say that it wasnt the best, but if you ask me, i'd beg to differ. Hope you enjoyed the episode!! I know i did, and i esepicially love kim and kam chin, their my favorite characters of all the westley gang!! They are so cool, esepecially how they set their twin differences between them and argue like they did!! It was hilarious, a complete thrill!
  • Okay, this and The Hunt For Red Blobtober are tye best episodes!

    I love this episode! About time Kim and Kam got some attention after getting little attention in the episodes. I liked the Survivor parody and the Eastley kids. Wonder if they'll return to do something worse than having fish dumped all over their bus? I like Kim and Kam's fights. Sibling rivalry- never gets old, period! And my favorite lines from the eight main characters-
    Li'l D: The filled my drums with puddin'!
    Tamika: And if you leave them alone the wolf eats the chicken and the chicken eats the corn.
    Kim: But every time I row one way, he rows the other!
    Kam: No, every time I row one way, you row the other!
    Philly Phil: My bass is filled with cement!
    Eddie: Uh, Madison, here's your violin- that was my clarinet.
    Madison: Well, I thought we were trying to earn merit badges.
    Sunny: Well, we gonna win that blue ribbon.
  • Kim and Kam learn to set aside thier differences and work together...mostly.

    In this episode, Westley gets challenged by Eastly in a music competition. While this is happening, Kim and Kam's sibling rivalrys grow. At first Sunny makes all of them do "teamwork excersises" so they learn to work together. Everyone seems to do fine, except for Kim and Kam. In the end they get voted off of the band, Survivor style. So the students(beside Kim and Kam) go to the competition, only to get thier instruments ruined. Kim and Kam use teamwork to get to the competition and save the day while winning the prize ribbon with playing a duet on the piano. I liked the episode, except for some reason I didn't like the piano song they played too much. Call me skeptical. Well anyway it was a pretty good episode.
  • My favorite so far.

    It's about time they did a Kim and Kam episode. I loved it. Basicly it's about how Eastley goes against Westley and Kim and Kam aren't getting along. They eventually get along and save the contest. I really didn't like the song Kim and Kam Jam. I thought it was the worst song yet. It was really dumb.
  • Shows what teamwork can accomplish. Best episode yet.

    Sibling rivaly between Kim and Kam explodes in the midst of a music competition. Sunny and the gang go on to the competition, leaving Kim and Kam behind to work out their differences (after a clever, Survivor-style "vote off"). The West Side Story allusions and mainly instrmental "Kim and Kam Jam" were excellent. This is the kind of episode that would leave me wanting more.
  • Great!

    I love how they did the sibling fights between Kim and Kam. I could relate to it. It also had a nice song as it usally dose. It defently went to the point on why Sunny hates Eastly kids. Though, I would like to see them again, you know to see if they do something worse to them then what Sunny and Lil' D did to them.
  • Me like!

    Once again, Andre did good with another episode! A "Lord of the Rings" parody was good! My mom enjoys "Lord of the Rings", but she didn't see it, so I'll show it to her when it comes on again. It's about time that Kim and Kam worked together! Things like that make me happy inside. The "Wile E. Coyote" made me giggle! Also, the parts with Philly Phil are funny! Always about the food! It turns out that there are alot of lessons in the end! And finally, I like the song. The song's good! Let's hear it for teamwork!
  • Good episode. 'Nuff Said.

    "Westley Side Story" is perhaps one episode I never thought I would take interest in, but seeing that both Kim and Kam onscreen more than the previous episodes they appeared in, I kinda think this is one episode they deserve to star in.

    While Sunny tries to teach his class about the rhythm of music, Kim and Kam began to argue over everything. At the same time, an old rival of Sunny's comes, along with his students from Eastley School. Recalling one event that he was unable to win, the normally calm Sunny accepts his rivals challenge, and began to train his students, only to have the twin's argument to intervene. So Kim and Kam must learn to get along, and fast, to help Sunny win the tournament.

    Not a bad episode for this show, and that's all I have to say.
  • About time the focus went on to Kim and Kam.

    Well it is about time the Kim and Kam fans got what they wanted. An episode devoted to them. With spoofs of other classic shows. We saw yet another Eddie and Tamika moment. But we saw a little of Lil' D. Thanks goodness for that. Not that I hate Lil' D but I was waiting for the other characters to get some attention. Kim and Kam started out fighting. They also finished fighting. But they both learned a lot about teamwork in this episode. It was very funny though if you are in the wrong mentality you might think the song was well not a song. But I really like this episode.

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