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AIRED ON 8/2/2008

Season 2 : Episode 26

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Imprisoned thousands of years ago by his son ZEUS, CRONUS, the god of time, has found an extra second to escape from the Underworld. Now history is about to repeat itself as CRONUS heads a legion of mythological MONSTERS in his quest to regain control of the world...But there is a PROPHECY... Seven TEENAGERS stand in his way. The unknowing descendants of great mythological HEROES, protected by the OLYMPIAN GODS, and the only ones who can stop this BLAST FROM THE PAST.
Brian Drummond

Brian Drummond


Kelly Sheridan

Kelly Sheridan


Pauline Newstone

Pauline Newstone


David Kaye

David Kaye


Janyse Jaud

Janyse Jaud

Medelia And Stephanie

Tabitha St. Germain

Tabitha St. Germain

Additional Voices/Aphrodite/Persephone

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  • decendants of lords

    I definetily want more and ill be boomed if they don't make season 3
  • love this show

    I love this show I started watching it when was 10 and I just saw one show (the nature of things)and ever since then I've been hooked ive seen every show and want another season my fave so far is "little box of horrors " anyways I love this show
  • I absolutely love this show; never missed an episode. I think it's very educational, with the Greek Mythology, but is at the same time infused with an interesting, complicated, and actually somewhat deep but understandable plot, and likeable characters.moreless

    Like I said, I think very highly of this show. I liked it since the first second I saw it, and wouldn't ever miss an episode. It actually taught me some Greek Mythology in the process of watching it, too, which would prove nicely paired with what I already know of it. Also, the plot is great, and the characters are cool, too. The romance isn't constant, either, but is there enough that you can enjoy it and root for your favourite couple. Too much romance in a show can ultimately distract from the whole of the show, and that isn't something that happens with this show. I can still enjoy what is actually going on, and the fight scenes are terrible either. The animation is good, and the voice actors are recognizable and are great to listen to, be they are so familiar because of the numbers of other shows that they have been in, like my personal favourites, Ian Cox, Kelly Sheridan, and Kirby Morrow. The characters are completely likeable, because in a way, are relatable, just in a different way. They are young teenagers with lots of stress on them, which many teenagers could relate with, except that they are fighting a Greek god while others maybe be just stressed over homeowork. ;-) The characters are teenagers, but aren't overly horomonal and whiny, and are mature enough to make watchable, but still are young enough to have to deal with what a regular teenager would, be it of God-like proportions or just trying out to figure out their crush. It can also be kind of funny, too. Particular scenes can be quite funny and entertaining to watch, and there is a good amount of comedy in each episode, so laughs are not a problem. As a whole, this show is great, and has a little bit of everything infused, in good amounts (so it's NOT annoying) which makes it great for every age. This show has gotten great reviews from the people here on, and only one bad review from someone who just hates learning, which is something that just comes naturally with watching this show. I think that this a totally great show for any age, I mean, even my 4 year old cousin and 67 year old grandfather enjoyed watching this one night. I think that this is a show that is worth checking out, because it really is a completely underrated show. A diamond in the ruff that needs to be uncovered and shared. I also think that this show should definitely come back for a third season! All the way! Even if only a a small amount of people like this show, it is well-loved by that group! As you can obviously see, I do love this show so. It is definitely one of my favourites shows EVER.moreless
  • A great show, that gives you the Greek Mythology, and adds the cartoon romance and adventure; great for people of all ages.

    The show starts off with seven teens (around 17-16)

    who are direct descendents of the Greeks myths

    (ex. Jason), and must fight the god of time (Cronus).

    who brings back the monsters of the Greek myths

    (ex. Cerberus), in order to stop the teens from their

    plan of defeating him.

    I think it's a great show, because each character

    has their own unique personality, and it's an all over cool show, with odd little humor jokes, and

    romance with some of the characters (pg romance,

    of course).

    The main cast (or team, I should say) is: Jay, Odie,

    Niel, Harry. Archie, Atlanta, and Theresa. I hope you've found this helpful.moreless
  • An interesting show about Greek Mythology.

    Class of the Titans is about seven teenagers who are all decendants of Greek heroes/gods and are the seven in a prophecy to save the world against Chronos. It is an interesting show with good character development and design on both good, dark and neutral sides. It shows good insights of reasons for decisions made between the gods, that choose to work with Chronos.

    Each episode is original to the last, and arises problems within the group. Some may doubt their powers, problems that normal teens go through etc, so in that regard we can relate to the characters well. The episodes are generally packed with action and if not they still do a great job of keeping it interesting. The only downfall of the show that I can see is the art of it. The animation is very simple, but effective enough for the show, so there isn't anything wrong with it, but if they had to do it again that would be an area of improvement. I would recommend people to watch it as it is interesting, consistant and keeps your attention from great episodes of orginality as such.moreless

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