Class of the Titans

Season 1 Episode 18

Bows And Eros

Aired Daily 7:00 PM Apr 15, 2006 on TELETOON
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Bows And Eros
All is fair in love and war when EROS hands out hate on VALENTINE'S DAY. Using arrows blackened by Cronus' rage, even Neil hates himself! It's up to Jay to bring the gang back together and stop Cronus' new Messenger of Mean.

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  • NO!NO!NO!Poor Neil! Oh,my! Nice ending, though, but Poor Neil! Poor Neil O;_O;

    I really liked the episode, through, I wrote this just after I saw it. I really liked it, the way they fight each other was so serious, my I was kind of Sniff,Sniff. But I have some questions, Why wasn't Jay infected by Eros? Did he forget him or something? Why did Eros and Phsyque had sports clothes? Why did Jay's sword broke the effect on Atlanta and Archie? Why did the author had to be so mean with Neil??? O;_O; Man, I won't sleep tonight. Anyways it was nice Theresa's love confession, but Jay didn't really thought much about her. I think he's avoididng her. See ya. POOR NEIL!!!moreless
  • eros the luv god gets hypnod by cronus cronus taints eros arros wif the end a fav moment wen every1 gets hartograms Jay gets 5 from Teresa but at the end & says they r from the hole gang coz he saved them then she givs him a kiss on the cheekmoreless

    OMG this iz 1 of my absolute favourite episodes coz I'm an abosolute sucker for romance so anything that is based around Theresa and Jay or Archie and Atlanta I absolutely adore it really was an awesome ep tho but my favourite bit was at the end with Jay and Theresa aww how cute (even tho she sed it waz from the whole gang I think Jay knew they were all from her) I can't wait until they finally admitt they like each other lol well hopfully they do well THEY BETTER lol wow I can't wait for the next episode.moreless

    OMG! This was a really good episode (Message me for big spoilers!). Ok, so a basic low-down is that Eros was put under cronus' control, and is shooting everyone with hate arrows for valentines day. Jay happened to not be hit because he was in th ebathroom at the time. First hit was directed at Archie, then Atlanta, Theresa, Herry, Odie and then Neil. The first shot actually missed Neil, and was found stuck in the bathroom mirror by Jay. I'm not saying the rest, but I'll give you a bit of the ending and then some quotes! Win/Win situatioN!

    In th end, everyone got a balloonogram (like candygrams only with, er, balloons!). Even Odie got one! Although we don't know who it came from. Jay got 5! We all know it was from Theresa, but she stuttered and said that they were from everyone to say thanks for what he'd done, and *gasp* then she kissed him, unfortunately, on the cheek. The others all smiled, and I think there was a giggle from Atlanta, but it was a cute moment for Jay and Theresa.


    Jay: Are all these from you?

    Theresa: Uh- they're from everyone... to... to say thankyou for what you did! *kisses his cheek*

    Jay: What happened to Neil?

    Odie: Well, Neil wouldn't stop complaining about his hair, so I tied him up, and I took care of the problem myself (For those of you who are still confused... message me and I will tell you what happened)

    Lol. When you see this episode, try not to miss too much when you're laughing. The HErry/Theresa moments are the funniest however, they really are. A cute episode for A/A and J/T shippers though.moreless
  • Amazing! A very exciting episode. Poor Neil!

    Well, I don't want to say too much, considrering this episode has yet to actually AIR on television...(Ah. I'm told that this episode DID in fact air in Singapore already.) But, I WILL say this: WOW. What an episode.

    Maybe it's just the thrill of being among the first (non-staff) to see it, but I really loved it. Lots of twists and turns, and an EXTREMELY funny part involving Odie and Neil's hair (I'll say no more!).

    Eros and Psyche were not as I expected... But, they were truly interesting characters!

    Overall, a very well-done episode.

    Pairing fans have something to look forward to, to be sure.moreless

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    • Eros;

      Although Eros' lineage differs from myth to myth, there are two primary versions -- one has him as a primordial force of the universe born near the beginning of its creation. The other major myth has him as the child of divine parents. Who the parents are differs from story to story, but the most common and widely accepted pairing is Aphrodite and Ares.

      As the archer god of love (or erotic love personified), he shot both arrows of gold and lead -- the gold arrows filled the victim with desire, whereas the lead arrows consumed the target with indifference. The arrows of hate used in this episode are clearly neither (note that hate and indifference are not the same thing), and rather an invention of the episodes.

      Eros was the reason for Helen falling in love with Paris, and Medea falling in love with Jason, among many other couples. He only went against his mother Aphrodite's orders once when he accidentally shot himself with one of his arrows and married Psyche whom he was suddenly in love with.

    • Psyche;

      Youngest daughter of a king, she was said to be so beautiful that even Aphrodite herself was envious! Aphrodite, furious that Psyche could dare be as beautiful (or more so) than herself, and sent her son, Eros, to hit Psyche with an arrow so that she would fall in love with someone undeserving of her. However, when Eros went to shoot her, he shot himself with an arrow and fell in love with Psyche himself.

      However, because Psyche was a mortal and Eros immortal, she could never see him if she wished to live. Otherwise, what happened between Zeus and Semele, would happen to her.

      One day however Psyche invited her sisters over and they instilled suspicion in her--- suggesting the possibilities of Eros being ugly, or that he had several wives in different castles. Suspicious at last, she lit a candle one night when Eros was sleeping, and saw him, the most beautiful looking youth she had ever seen--- and then she never saw him again. In another version of the legend, Eros eventually forgave her.