Class of the Titans

Season 1 Episode 1

Chaos 101

Aired Daily 7:00 PM Jan 01, 2006 on TELETOON

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  • This episode shows a bit of background on where Jay, Atlanta and Herry are from--- and then thrust the three of them into friendship and teamwork when they're forced to work together and face Cronus already--- but he's not done yet...

    I really enjoyed watching this episode, and it's one I feel I could watch over and over (although I'm sure I'd much rather watch it as a movie instead of the three-part episode). Firstly, we get to see a bit of background on where three of our Heroe's, Herry, Jay and Atlanta, are from. Herry born on a farm, already getting to use his super-strength to protect himself. Atlanta from Canada, and frustrated with two boys, family of some kind I assume, who are hunting with her and making noise--- but she learns there's bigger things to hunt then deer. Finally, Jay, staring at the stars and the only one to notice that time went back a single second--- long enough, although he doesn't know it yet, for the God of time to escape from Tartarus.

    Secondly, Jay was insecure in this episode. Unsure that he was suitable to even be a hero and immediately thinking that there was some kind of mistake. Overall, Jay's always come off as the Leader he's meant to be and not too insecure, but in this episode we get to see that weakness in him and I must say I particularly enjoyed that nice pleasant change, and hope there's more insecurity in the future.

    Then of course, the fact that Herry comes off as just an overly lovable, playful guy is shown, and the fact that despite his enormous bulky size and his incredible strength, he still gets scared just like the rest of us--- and possibly at things that some of us think might be a little irrational (although nothing compares to our dear descendant of Achilles' fear!).

    It would be nicer to see this as the movie because there's no waiting hours on end for the continuation, especially considering there are three episodes for this beginning of the popular series, but as an individual episode, it is still good :)
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