Class of the Titans

Season 1 Episode 1

Chaos 101

Aired Daily 7:00 PM Jan 01, 2006 on TELETOON

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  • a very good pilot episode, good start to the series,go COTT

    Jay,Atlanta and Herry arrived at Olympia High,but... Cronus the evil God escapes Tetarus(whatever) he wants the 3 heros to faile there first mission,but they complete their mission and destinie.

    a great pilot episode of Class Of the Titans its my first review here and its a good one. Herry the Brawn succeded Hercules,Atlanta the Hunter succeded Artemis,and Jay the Leader succeded Jason.I cant wait to see Neil in the 3rd episode of COTT.Atlanta has the power of the gods to run quick and hunt(her passion) like Artemis,Herry Mind Blank sometimes but has the brawn to hurt people from HerculesmJay The Leader,the most responsable of the group migth fall in love with Theressa(in 2nd episode she will arrive) and sometimes fails some important stuff suchs as the Antykera Device,Odie\'s injurie,and almost Death(for Jay)
    Jay also doesn\'t look like to respect the Gods Decision.

    Thank You Crew and Members!

    Neil The Hero
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