Class of the Titans

Season 1 Episode 2

Chaos 102

Aired Daily 7:00 PM Jan 08, 2006 on TELETOON
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Chaos 102
THERESA, ODIE and ARCHIE arrive to find New Olympia hit with a power blackout. When the heroes investigate they find and defeat the TYPHOEUS- but not before CRONUS sets a diabolical plan in motion! Is this the end of the world, as we know it?

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  • In this episode,Archie, Theresa, and Odie are introduced. While the gang are trying to fight the Typheous, Cronus is already hatching another evil plot! Uh oh! Will the teens be able to stop them even though they are still missing the last hero?moreless

    My fave quote: Worker- What are u doing here?! Cronus- I'm with him(points at the Typheous)

    This episode starts off with Archie doing a obstacle course as his test. This is the episode in which Archie recieves his Haphaestous whip(aka. a dog leash) But regardless of all that he has seen and done so far, Archie is still unwilling to accept his role as Achilles's descendant. Then Jay and Atlanta are introduced to Odie and Theresa. Already it seems that they (JxT)have taken a liking to each other and sure enough, once the girls are out the door, Theresa asks Atlanta if she's going out with Jay. Of course, Atlanta doesn't know what the heck she's talking about. All of a sudden the lights go out! It appears that Cronus has diverted all the power from the city to his big giant laser. The team goes to try and stop Cronus. Since they can't fight Typheous and Cronus at the same time, Archie and Atlanta gets off the truck to divert Typheous's attention away from the rest of the teens. Archie ties a piece of steel wire from the electrical cord and loops it around it's legs, sending electricity coursing throught it's body. Meanwhile Cronus has succeeded in destroying the meteor with this giant laser, causing a ring of ice crystals to from around Earth.moreless
  • read this....

    Odie,Archie and Theresa arrived at New Olympia High to meet Jay Atlanta and Herry Odie is the succesor to odysseus,Theresa is to Theseus and Archie to Achilles the 6 member team go to fight Cronus but they need the help of the final hero Neil(arrives in the next episode) to complete there team.
  • AWESOME! Archie, Theresa and Odie are introduced and Archie doesn't accept his role as a hero while Theresa checks to see if Atlanta and Jay are dating. The power blacks out and the heros go to defeat the Typhoeus and stop Chronus.moreless

    This episode was awesome for it had plot twists and an overall exciting story line! It didn't explain much about archies past before he was drafted but they did explain Theresa's past very well. This really continued on the first episode well and it left you with an clifhanger that really makes you want to watch the last episode.
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Archie's "wonky heel" is almost entirely a reference to his ancestor Achilles' one vulnerable body part (in some versions of the Trojan Saga), which, when shot with a poisoned tip arrow by Paris in the Trojan War, got him killed.

  • QUOTES (23)

    • Atlanta: (picks up bolas and tests them out, accidentally breaking the nose off of a statue) Awesome! Can I have these?

      Ares: All of these weapons are at your disposal, but the statues are MINE!!

      (Atlanta creeps away)

    • Jay: You're the descendant of Achilles. He was a great hero.

      Archie: Just because they say so, doesn't make it true.

      Atlanta: Look at what you can do!(points at everything around them) Look at this place! How can you not believe?

      Archie: Simple. I walk away and forget it ever happened.

    • Archie: So, I hear you're fast.

      Atlanta: Very. Why?

      Archie: 'Cause we need to split its attention!

      Atlanta: Me!? Why me!?

      Archie: (Fighting Typhoeus) 'Cause I'm a little busy over here!

    • Jay: Evil bad guy and a big laser--- not a good combo.

      Cronus: Uh, just a minute Jay, be right with you.

    • Archie: Ares was wrong, we can bring it down with lightning bolts.

      Atlanta: (Sarcastically)Gee, I'm fresh out of lightning bolts!

      Archie: We have to wait for it to get closer!

      Atlanta: Looks pretty close to me!

    • Theresa: Jay, there's only one way across the dam.

      Herry: And there's a little something in the way... (Typhoeus flys up)

    • Jay: Herry, turn around.

      Theresa: What? We can't fight that thing!

      Jay: We HAVE to save Odie!

    • Theresa: How do you guys know so much about Greek Mythology? Are you Greek?

      Archie: No... I... read a lot of classical poetry.

      Theresa: (surprised) Really?

    • Archie: You guys, Herry and Atlanta I get. But Odie?

      Jay: His ancestor was Odysseus.

      Archie: You mean...

      Jay: Yup, Odie's a direct descendant. A real wolf in sheeps clothing.

      Archie: More like a wolf in NERDS clothing.

    • Atlanta: Ready?

      Archie: To take on a fire-breathing giant and an immortal god?

      Atlanta: Yeah!

    • Theresa: These are cute! (Grabs nunchucks)

      Atlanta: And deadly.

    • Hera: Hermes--- (Hermes enters the room)

      Hermes: You called?

      Hera: You don't have to come everytime I call you.

      Hermes: When the Olympian Queen of the gods calls you, what are you supposed to do?

      Hera: ... Persephone will help Theresa---- (Persephone enters the room)

      Hermes: False alarm.

    • Atlanta: We'll attack first, ask questions later. On three.

      Theresa: You mean when you say three or after two?

      Atlanta: I mean--- NOW! (Theresa and Atlanta attack intruder; turns out to be...) Archie?

    • (Theresa gets attacked by one of Cronus' flying monsters; Hermes rescues her)
      Hermes: Hi! How ya doin'?!

    • Granny: Herry, could you move me closer to the fireplace?

      Herry: Sure Granny. Can I help you up? (Granny remains seated in her rocker) Ugh. (Moves Granny in her rocker closer to the fireplace)

      Granny: On second thought, I think I liked it better over there. (Herry sighs and moves Granny back to where she was)

    • Theresa: ... and the Typhoeus, whatever that is.

      Atlanta: The Typhoeus is a fire-breathing giant with snakes for legs.

      Theresa:... right.

      Atlanta: So, want a tour of the dorm? (Girls leave, Odie and Jay are alone)

      Odie: (laughing) Heh, fire breathing giant, right. (Jay gives pointed stare)

    • Cronus: And whoever lives through it will serve me. What am I talking about, no one will live. (Starts laughing like crazy.)

    • Hera: Theresa here is a direct descendant of Theseus. She has a keen sense of direction and a sixth sense.

      Jay: You can... read minds?

      Theresa: No...

      Hera: Not yet, anyway.

    • Ares: Here, you win a prize.
      Archie: A... dog leash?
      Ares: A Hephaestus whip.

    • Ares: I've seen better.
      Archie: No way! Who?
      Ares: Me. And Achilles, your ancestor.

    • (Ares is testing the new descendant, Archie's, abilities)
      Ares: This is my favourite part! (lasers begin shooting at Archie, who dodges them and fights robots)

    • Worker: Who are you? What are you doing here?

      Cronus: (points to Typhoeus nearby) I'm with him!

    • Herry: So, how can we beat the Typhoeus?
      Ares: Beat it back with lighting bolts, then drop a mountain on its head.
      Herry: Yeah. Okay.

  • NOTES (4)

    • Everyone else seemed to be a little more accepting when it came to their destiny, but in this episode we see that Archie originally doesn't want anything to do with being a descendant of the great Achilles, or saving the world from an evil god--- even if he's the one of the only ones that can. He doesn't believe it's true, but even if it is, he planned to just walk away and forget it ever happened--- whatever happened, or what he was thinking, we never find out, but he finally decides to join them after all, and just in time.

    • Archie is shown falling into water but has no reaction to it. This appears as strange consider Archie's irrational fear of water he shows throughout the series.

    • Theresa is immediately attracted to Jay; she checks that Atlanta is not already going out with Jay herself, so that she's not stepping on anyone's territory.

    • In this episode, we see how Jay, Theresa, Atlanta, Archie and Odie get their signature weapons. Out of an armoury that Ares gives them access to, Jay chooses sword with a retractable blade, Theresa, a pair of compact nunchucks, and Atlanta, jaw-trap bolas. Only Archie and Odie are given weapons; Ares gives Archie a gift of a retracting Hephaestus Whip, a micro-thin forged wire with a small grappling hook on the tip, and Hermes gives Odie a powerful laptop with the works, including satellite hook-up to the web.