Class of the Titans

Season 1 Episode 3

Chaos 103

Aired Daily 7:00 PM Jan 15, 2006 on TELETOON
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Chaos 103
The Earth is about to stop turning, but NEIL thinks it still revolves around him- even after Cronus captures him! The gang has to save Neil, the last hero, if they're to fulfill the prophecy and save the world from destruction. Luckily, Neil gives Odie an idea; but is there enough time?moreless

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  • This episode of Class of the Titans introduces the 7th and final hero, Neil. Although it was still quite exciting, it was sometimes a tad bit boring.

    This episode of Class of the Titans introduces the 7th and final hero, Neil. The story continues from Chaos 101 Part 2 where Cronus has destroyed a meteor, creating a ring around earth. Based on Odie's theory, the ring is spinning opposite of Earth, therefore, it is slowing it's rotational speed. If it stops spinning altogether, the planet will tear itself apart. This episode was full of quirky humour that is expected of this series. In this episode we learn that Neil is practilcally useless when it comes to fighting and isn't an "invincible warrior", contrary to the team's hopes. He is self obsorbed and it get's on a certain member's nerves. I found this episode a tad on the boring side but overall... an okay job.moreless
  • Chronus finds the 7th hero, Neil, and he is convinced that Chronus is a big agent. Jay and the others show up but he escapes with Neil...

    Awesome episode, it really shows who Neil is and just what he can do. The episode is full of surprises and it is also quite informitive on not just Neil but some of the other characters as well. for example it shows how protective Herry is of his truck and it shows a good example of Theresa's powers.
  • The introduction of Neil...

    Neil has to be one of my favorite characters. He is simply hilarious! Interesting on how the put in the bit with Narcissus' reflectioin. I'm not sure why, but I really like how they brought out this character. The way he acts reminds me of a friend of mine, lol. The Goddess, Aphrodite, is a bit of a pop-tart, but at the same time makes her connection to Neil rather adorable.

    So far, I think this show has great potential in becoming popular. It all depends on how the develope the characters.moreless
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  • QUOTES (24)

    • Odie: (after executing a very long and complicated plan to Hephaestus and Hermes) Are you getting any of this?

      Hephaestus: Uhhh.....

      Hermes: We got the "really cool" part!

    • Neil: So sure, the rest of you are brave and strong and great fighters and everything. But in the end, it was my reflection and my good luck that saved the planet!

    • Herry: You did it Odie! You are a genius! (Gives Odie a huge hug)

      Odie: (trying to breathe) Herry, you better close your sun roof. (Herry drops Odie)

      Herry: Why? (starts raining)

      Odie: THAT'S why.

    • Cronus: Ahh, panic in the streets, how refreshing.

    • Theresa: Here, I think this is yours. (hands Neil his mirror)

      Neil: (shoves Aphrodite away) Hey, I've been looking for that!

    • Aphrodite: Neil! You look wonderful darling!

      Neil: I know, thanks!

    • Neil: Okay, here I am using my "secret" pendant key. (uses his key and the door opens) Huh?

    • Cronus: It seems our little pool party has gotten out of hand. (Cronus heals the wound Archie gave him; everyone stares in shock)

      Neil: Hey man what the heck is going on? (Luck prevails for Neil as he accidentally helps capture Cronus--- who falls off the building)

      Jay: Nice job Neil.

      Herry: Yeah, to be honest we had our doubts about you.

      Neil: Are you guys crazy? You just killed my agent!

    • Cronus: That'll keep him busy for awhile. Narcissus? A hero? Hmmph, the gods must be crazy.

    • Cronus: Do you have any relation to Narcissus?

      Neil: No. I don't have any contracts with Narcissus. Strictly freelance. (Scene shifts to school)

      Aphrodite: What's special about Neil? Why, he's a direct descendent of Narcissus!

      Theresa: Who's Narcissus?

      Aphrodite: Oh, a lovely boy. Just like Neil! And then one day, he saw his own reflection in a pool of water and fell in love. And from that moment, he couldn't leave his own side.

      Jay: That would explain the mirror. And the modeling.

      Theresa: So we've pinned our hopes on a hero whose chief virtue is that he's in love with himself?

    • Hephaestus: (pulls out meat) Does this look done to you? (Herry and Jay walk in)

      Hermes: Herry! Jay! Thank goodness you're here! So, anything exciting on you're end?

    • (Train crashes into the three giants)
      Herry: NICE train wreck Theresa!

    • Theresa: Tell you what, let's NOT play catch with this guy.

    • Man: Oh that's it baby, oh oh Neil, the camera loves you baby!

      Neil: Tell me something I don't know.

    • Oracle: So, do you have any difficult questions that you might actually need an oracle for?

    • Archie: (in a daze) The Oracle, oh, great idea Miss Aphrodite.

      Jay: (also in a daze) Yeah...

    • Theresa: Will one more really make a difference? Is Neil some kind of invincible warrior?

      Hera: Uhh not exactly. He has... unique qualities. And he will make you seven.

    • Cronus: Ahh finally, I've been waiting all night. (turns around and sees Agnon empty handed) And it appears I'm still waiting.

    • Odie: The rings are spinning counter to the earth, slowing the planet's rotation. The atmospheric disturbance will cause earthquakes, hurricanes, global disaster.

      Archie: Okay, so what's the bad news?

      Odie: I was getting to that. If the earth's rotation suddenly stops, everything will sheer from the surface of the earth due to the conservation of momentum!

      Archie: ... I'm sorry I asked.

    • Jay: Herry, stop the truck.

      Herry: Are you nuts?

      Jay: Just long enough for some of us to jump out and keep Cronus busy. You take Odie to the array. Everybody else out, including Neil!

      Archie: Neil? What do you want Neil for?

      Neil: Yeah, what do you want Neil for?

    • Neil: Wow, fab view! Oh, I would look great with a background like that. Not that I need a background to look great.

      Cronus: Um, are you concerned with anything else other than your looks?

      Neil: I wouldn't call it concern, I mean, what've I got to be concerned about?

    • Oracle: Ah. I knew, sooner or later, you would come and see me.
      Jay: That's an ... encouraging sign for an oracle.

    • Neil: I'm an inspiration to all who know me.

    • Herry: That's Neil? He's a model?

      Archie: Hey, maybe he's a SUPERmodel.

      Atlanta: With superpowers like stunning good looks or a killer smile.

  • NOTES (2)

    • When Theresa, Atlanta, Jay and Archie go to Aphrodite, Jay and Archie both seem to be in a daze at her beauty, and both Theresa and Atlanta glare at them with disapproval. It makes it seem as if already, the two girls might have some more-than-just-friends feelings for the two boys in the team, although that may be a bit of a stretch. Theresa and Atlanta may have just been disapproving over the fact that Jay and Archie are so much in a daze over someone's beauty, believing that's a little shallow.

    • The heroes are asking the Oracle to help them find Neil, but he says that Theresa has the power to find him on her own. When Theresa gets scared and pulls away from the Oracle, Jay holds her.


    • I believe that the icy rings around earth is a reference to Cronus' role in Roman mythology. Saturn, which we named the planet after. The planet Saturn has icy rings around it.