Class of the Titans

Season 1 Episode 23

Cronus Flying Circus

Aired Daily 7:00 PM May 20, 2006 on TELETOON
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Cronus Flying Circus
MELAMPUS, the Dr. Doolittle of ancient Greece, is able to stop the STYMPHALIAN BIRDS and save the heroes- though not before one captures NEIL. When CRONUS steals Melampus' powers, it's all up to THERESA to focus her psychic ability and save their bird-brained friend.

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  • A cute episode

    My favourite joke in this episode was where the gang were joking that Herry was a dumb animal... and he didn't get it. Lol.

    Herry: So, you control animals now?

    Theresa: Only dumb ones.

    Archie: Uh oh, then you better watch yourself Herry!

    (Everyone laughs except Herry, who has a confused look on his face. So adorable!)

    We learn more about Theresa in this episode, and there's a funny scene including her, Persephone and a strange little 'boiled guinea pig'AKA Gary.

    I also like it when Persephone is trying to get Gary to dome out of his bottle. It looked really funny.

    The scenes with Neil, after he was 'birdnapped', were pretty good.

    Neil: (To bird thingies) STOP staring at me! It's freaking me out!

    I'm not spoiling this episode any further. It's one of the really good ones!moreless
  • The team decides to go to the circus, but after seeing a great show, things take a turn for the worse. They learn that the man who was training the animals is actually telopathic, and can tell the animals what to do--- because he's the Dr. Doolittle.moreless

    Firstly, you have to love the start of this episode. The little devil (hmm, sorry not sure what it was at the moment since I can't remember) teasing Theresa was a perfect way to start the show while she tries to control him. Then of course, the "awkward" moment for Archie and Atlanta when they ask the others if they want to go to the circus--- it becomes awkward when its suggested that they would be intruding on Archie and Atlanta's date. The great thing about this part of the episode is that it seems as if Atlanta might be concealing a few feelings for Archie herself, but its a possibility that she might just find it awkward that her best friend could be considered someone to actually date.

    Although we don't get to see the circus performance that much, we have to understand that there's only so much that can be fit into a half hour time frame, and what's necessary is there. Neil gets kidnapped by mysterious golden birds, and the team has to find him. Theresa needs to use her ability to send telopathic messages to save them, which comes as a surprise because nobody knew she had received a bit of practice at that.

    This episode has humor--- the beginning part when nobody asked Odie if he wanted to go to the circus, Jay telling Odie to put his shirt back on when he scores a goal, and of course Neil in the birds nest with the birds staring at him.

    It has the usual action--- only this time, it seems as if nobody can do anything to stop these birds since their made of gold and can't be destroyed--- only controlled by Theresa's psychic abilities.

    So, this episode was a bit lacking here and there, but overall I thought it was a pretty decent addition to the series.moreless

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (24)

    • Neil: (while birds are attacking him) Ow! I broke a nail!

    • Archie: (to a now evil Melampus) I didn't know a split personality was one of your talents!

    • (Cronus unknowingly taunts the birds into flying after him with Neil's mirror. Goes to leave through his vortex but the birds fly in with him)

      Atlanta: Well, that was lucky.

      Neil: No kidding, I thought I lost this mirror forever!

      Atlanta: Ugh, not that, I mean the whole birds... and the vortex...
      UGH forget it! (muttering) Birdbrain!

    • Odie: Neil!

      Neil: Odie! Is that you?

      Odie: Yeah!

      Neil: (comes out of hiding and shows his hand) Look! I broke a nail!

      Odie: Worse things have happened, Neil! (notices his teammates are in trouble) Worse things ARE happening!

    • Atlanta: I'm surprised Neil hasn't irritated those things to death yet.

    • (Neil crawls over the side of the nest)
      Neil: I know it's hard, but I think it's time I left the nest!
      (falls from the side of the nest onto a large branch with his legs on either side of it)

    • (Odie lets go of the rope and blows his sore hands)

      Odie: Ow, ow, OW!

      Archie: (smirking): You're not supposed to hold the rope that tight.

      Odie: When there's that much nothing below me, I'm holding onto the rope!

    • (Stymphalian bird returns to the nest)
      Neil: Hey, where's my mirror!?

    • Neil: You don't want to eat me, look at me! I'm skin and bone! There's more meat on a chicken's forehead!

    • Melampus: I don't know how much you kids know about Greek Mythology...

      Archie: Uhhh... a little bit...

      Atlanta: Just what they teach us in school...

      Herry: Yeah, not much really... (all smile)

    • Neil: Couldn't you have built your nest on the ground like a duck or a platypus!? Well, I have friends in high places too! (Grabs PMR and attempts to call someone from the team but the bird knocks it out of his hand) Um, could you get that? It might be important.

    • Neil: Put me down! (Stymphalian bird drops Neil in the nest) Gently! Put me down gently!

    • Herry: Jay, Odie, Theresa!

      Jay: Herry, what's up?

      Herry: You guys have to come here, quick! It's like a circus down here!

      Odie: Duh, what did you expect?

      Herry: That's not what I meant--- Neil's been kidnapped!

    • Gary: I take that back, calling you stupid is an insult to stupid people!

      Persephone: Thank-you, Gary.

      Gary: No, thank-you. I enjoy having my mind invaded, maybe next time you can dress me up in dolls clothes!

    • Neil: Where's the dancing elephants, the lion tamers? Grrrr-rowl! (Tiger growls and attempts to claw at Neil)

      Melampus: Careful, she doesn't like being teased!

      Neil: I think she likes me, don't you kitty? (Tiger growls)

    • Atlanta: Do you guys want to come to the circus with us?

      Herry: Circus?

      Archie: It's called "The Circus of the Impossible!"

      Neil: (signature laugh) Sounds like our life!

    • (Herry and Jay are playing fooseball and Herry scores)
      Herry: GOAL! (takes off shirt and swings it around) WOO!

      Odie: And the weiner is...

    • Persephone: Just focus.

      Gary: Yeah, don't let your mind wander, it's too small to be let out on it's own.

    • (Gary the imp is released from a bottle by Persephone for Theresa's lesson)
      Gary: A lesson? What do I look like, a guinea pig!?

      Theresa: (sarcastic) Maybe a boiled guinea pig.

    • Herry:(to Theresa) So you can, like, control animals now?

      Theresa: Just dumb ones.
      Archie: Uh-oh, then you better watch yourself, Herry.
      (Others *minus Herry* laugh)

    • Atlanta: Do you guys want to come with us to the circus?
      Jay: I'll wait for Theresa.
      Herry: Sure!
      Neil: Unless we'd be intruding on your... date...
      [Atlanta and Archie look at each other awkwardly]
      Archie: No!
      Atlanta: It's not a date.

    • Jay: ...Odie put your shirt back on.

    • (The four go out the door for the circus)
      Odie: Odie, why don't you come along? (he impersonates sarcastically) No thank you, BUT THANKS FOR ASKING!! (yells at the already gone teammates)

    • (The Stymphalian birds and Neil endlessly stare at each other... scene shifts to show the bird blink, then Neil, and it repeats several times before Neil gets frustrated)

      Neil: STOP STARING AT ME!! It's creeping me out!!

      Stymphalian bird: *screeches*

      Neil: (feels his face) What, do I have something on my face? (runs a hand through his hair) Does my hair look okay? (Pulls out his mirror; bird appears to like it) Shiny--- you like this? Well, you can't haveit, it's mine! (Bird screeches and grabs mirror) Okay, you can borrow it... (bird throws the mirror out of the nest to the ground) But I'm going to want it back!

  • NOTES (2)

    • The title of the episode seems to be a play on 'Monty Python's Flying Circus'.

    • Atlanta seems to like Archie (we all know he likes Atlanta) because they both are quick to deny that the others would be intruding on their "date" to the circus, and Atlanta claims "The more, the merrier!".


    • Stymphalian Birds: Other than dragons, Stymphalian birds were the most fearful flying creature in Greek mythology. Although in this episode they appeared to be made of Gold, they actually had hard iron beaks that could pierce through armour, shields and even helmets. They would eat anything they saw, whether it be other birds, cattle, goats, but they preferred to eat man.

      Getting rid of these birds and saving man was Hercules' (or Heracles') sixth labour.