Class of the Titans

Season 1 Episode 17

Eye For An Eye

Aired Daily 7:00 PM Apr 08, 2006 on TELETOON
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Eye For An Eye
The CYCLOPS that was blinded by Odysseus is understandably bitter after all these years. CRONUS offers the Cyclops his sight so he can exact his revenge upon the heroes- and when Jay and Odie are captured, it's nothing but trouble as far as the eye can see!moreless

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  • Not only is Archie draging on Theresa for her visions but Odie and Jay get captured! The team might have a chance to free their teammates if only Archie would stop being a jerk.moreless

    Definitly one of the best episodes in the series. The storyline was fantastic and Neil had some funny quotes too, such as...

    (Herry and Atlanta both get their power replenished by Polyphemus's orb and they both exclaim that it works great)

    Neil:(has the orb used on him) funny... I don't feel any different.
  • This is a great episode people!

    What was best about this episode? I thought it was how the directors highlighted the differences between Theresa's personality and Archie's personality. While some of the things Archie said may come across extremely offensive, a lot of people would react the same way (don't pretend you don't agree! Lol). And we feel really sorry for Theresa in a lot of teh scenes, seeing as she's was often the one who was cast aside when all the action came along, and her sad expressions were enough to break some people's hearts. In the end, Theresa and Archie manage to set aside differences and Archie accepts Theresa for who she is and what she's like.


    Theresa: So Archie? What's it like to be perfect?

    Archie: Well... it's-

    Theresa: I was being sarcastic!

    (refering to how Odysseus escapes the cyclops by hiding under a sheep when the cyclops let the flock out to graze)

    Theresa: *points to the roof shaft* I think I have a way to get inside, but we do it my way this time. Are you going to be able to work with me on this?

    Archie: *sighs* Yeah.

    Theresa: *looks at the shaft* Remember how Odysseus escaped the cyclops?

    Archie: yeah, but where are we gonna get a flock of sheep at this time of night?

    DUH! Archie's stupid moments are soooo adorable! Lol.moreless
  • This episode shows how Theresa's visions are considered to be a tad overdramatic, and although particular people are rude about it *cough, ARCHIE, cough cough*, she proves them wrong by saving the day using her brains, and her visions.moreless

    Theresa has a vision that Odie is in danger--- but Archie, who seems to be tired of Theresa making a big deal out of everything, just rolls his eyes at this and makes fun of her, predicting a "pothole" in Odie's future when he goes jogging with Herry and Jay.

    I have to admit that although Archie was a bit too rude to Theresa, I still laughed when he was making fun of her and pretending to be over-dramatic the way she might seem to be, and making a fake prediction. It's funny stuff regardless of how mean it is.

    Yet, Theresa shows that she's more than just a drama queen, and that when it comes down to it, she's a good person to have on their side. She couldn't do it alone, but the Titans probably couldn't do it without her either. And, good old Archie, apologizes in the end. I particularly liked when Theresa did what he did, and said "I predict an apology of great ___" something or other, which was a funny way to end the episode. And, Archie and Theresa seemed to have settled whatever differences they might have had and worked together. And regardless of what he did, Archie's still my favourite character.moreless
  • A giant that was blinded by Odie\'s ancestor is now out for revenge on Odysess. only problem... He\'s dead! Now he will take it out on Odie, and only one thing will save him, honor.moreless

    I LOVED THIS EPISODE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...! I can\'t belive that Archie could be so mean to Theresa. But, sh showed him!!! My fav part of this episode was when Neil comes up with the theroy that Odie was being Kidnapped by a Pirate! It mad me have a laugh attach!! u guys haffta watch this episode. It will blow all the regrets about COTT out ur BUTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! U WILL LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • QUOTES (10)

    • Jay: Push it, Odie! We're on the home stretch!
      Odie: (Panting heavily) How... long's... a home stretch?

    • Neil: (shouting) Hey, guys! I think the cyclops went this way!

      Atlanta: Why?

      Neil: Uhhh... because his giant footprints are going this way!
      (The camera zooms out to reveal, in fact, that Neil is standing in one of Polyphemus's footprints, which are leading in that direction)

    • (Herry is describing Polythemus to the rest of the team.)

      Herry: Anyways, this guy was HUGE! The next thing we knew, he was lobbing lightening bolts at us! One weird thing was that he called Odie, "Odysseus".

      Chiron: (in deep thought) Hmmmmm.....

      Herry: Oh yeah, and he only had one eye!

      Neil: Ah-hah! Than it was a pirate! (then, thinking) But what would a giant pirate want with Odie and Jay?
      (Neil considers this while the others groan at his comment)

    • (Herry and Atlanta both get their power replenished by Polyphemus's orb and they both exclaim that it works great)

      Neil: (has the orb used on him) Funny... I don't feel any different

    • Theresa: So, Archie, what's it like being perfect? (being sarcastic)

      Archie: Well, it has it's...

      Theresa: (annoyed, and clears her throat) I was being sarcastic!

      Archie: Oh, I knew that!

    • (after they get back to the Dorm, Archie approaches Theresa)

      Archie: Hey Theresa, I came to---

      Theresa: (interrupting) Oh let me guess--- I sense an apology of mythical proportions!

    • Theresa: Be carful, Odie, I sense...

      Archie: I sense danger! A pothole with your name on it... I sense a sprain of mythical proportions! Oh, wait! that's just me being a drama queen.

    • Polyphemus: They say time heals all wounds...

      Jay: Time... or Cronus? Which one was it?

    • Cronus: Awwww... I sense a group hug coming on...

    • Jay: You think we'll ever see him again?

      Odie: Oh, I have a feeling we'll meet again someday...

  • NOTES (1)

    • When Cronus is introducing the heroes by their ancestors' names to Polyphemus, he introduces Atlanta as 'Atalanta' even though that is not what is metioned in the main title. This is because the opening titles are actually incorrect.


    • The title of this episode possibly came from the Biblical term "an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth". The meaning behind it is that whatever negative action you do to a person, there should be equal punishment for it. This relates to the story when Polyphemus wanted revenge on Odysseus for blinding him. His initial feeling was that he had no pride in his vengence, but justice had to be done.

    • At the beginning of the episode, Polyphemus is shown working as a blacksmith forging thunderbolts. In Greek mythology, Polythemus was actually a shepherd like the other cyclopes living on the same island. The metalwork, however, is probably an allusion to the original three cyclopes who did work as blacksmiths for the gods and forged Zeus' thunderbolts.