Class of the Titans

Season 1 Episode 11

Field Of Nightmares

Aired Daily 7:00 PM Mar 04, 2006 on TELETOON
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CRONUS awakens a descendent of MEDEA, and JAY feels the fury of a witch his ancestor Jason once scorned. Of course Medea isn't alone, she has an army of AMAZONS covering her back. Hopefully Jay will realize in time he has an army of his own in his back pocket: SPARTOI WARRIORS.moreless

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  • Medilia is a normal feild hockey player...that is until Chronus becomes involves....

    Chronus controls Medilia and uses her past grudge on Jason to help him destroy our beloved heros!

    Wow! definitly a great episode to watch! it really has some intresting things to learn aboput greek mythology such as the story of Medilia and Jason or the Sparti warriors! Not much Neil in this episode except when hes humming down the hall and mr. Suez trips him. thats a dissapointment for me becaus I personally like to see more Neil in the episodes, seeing as he is my favorite character! when watching this episode I noticed that there were the same scenes in Labour day. if you haven't seen this yet then its definitly recomended! :)moreless
  • A new girl comes to town and sparks the interest of Jay, Herry, Archie, and Odie. this girl is beautiful, but not all that she seems. Cronus has done something to her that makes her want to be rid of our heros, permanantely!moreless

    Great episode, not a typical one, but still good. It was cool to see that the boys are regular guys with regular hormones that make them forget all about their crushes.(well, just Jay and Archie) I had never even heard of Medea until this point, so this was a cool introduction to the character, even if it was just her descendant. It was also very cool to see the COTT version of the Amzon and Spartai warriors. It was hilarious to see Archie run turn the corner and walk into the Amazon chick's chest! And he didn't even have the courtesy to say, "Sorry for pressing my face against your gigantic boobs!" Poor, poor Arch...

    Favorite Quotes-

    Archie: (sarcastically) Yeah, we just need someone to feed himself to a dragon! Any volunteers? (jokingly raise hand)

    Medea: Hey, sexy!

    Odie: (looking around, then) Who... me?

  • Medea overtaken her descendant Medelia because she's out for revenge on Jay because his ancestor Jason dumped her. One by one she banishes each Titan and the seven of them are forced to battle her army.Then Jay forms his own army and Titansmoreless

    I loved this episode because Medea was portrayed as this beautiful, arrogant and haughty girl who could get who ever she wants. I love it how all the boys fight over her wanting to carry her luggage and take her out. You could tell that Theresa and Atlanta weren't to happy about it.

    I was a bit confused because Neil was hardly in it the only time you saw him was when the boys tried to contact him. Cronus said that he wanted all the Titans destroyed not all except Neil and he wasn't in the final battle. Poor Neil he's apart of the team to.moreless
Janyse Jaud

Janyse Jaud


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Garry Chalk


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Medelia's dragon pendant is possibly a reference to the dragon that guarded the Golden Fleece. In the myth, Medea used her magic to put the dragon to sleep in order to help Jason on his quest.

    • When Jay, Herry, Odie, and Archie knock Medellia off of her dragon they fall an amazing hieght and yet they all are unharmed.

    • Medea was Jason's wife until he abandoned her, and she caused mischief at the court until Theseus expelled her. Seems funny that Theseus, Theresa's ancestor, was the one to expell Medea, Jay's ancestor's wife.

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  • NOTES (3)

    • Creature Introduction: Amazon Warriors.

      These woman are strong, warrior-type women who were told as being very masculine. It is told that Amazons had the power to give birth without men.

    • Amazon warriors appear in several cultures (including Greek) as tribes of powerful warrior women. They were said to be at least 10 times as dangerous as any male warrior.

    • The title seems to be refering to the movie "Field of Dreams".


    • Medea;

      Medea was the Princess of Colchis and the priestess of Hecate. She fell in love with Jason and helped him succeed many things with her magic and skills, but Jason soon deserted her. Medea was furious at this, just as able to hate Jason as she was able to love him, and she got her revenge on him by killing their two children. She was soon expelled from the court by Theseus after causing much mischief.

    • In Greek mythology, the Spartoi Warriors are living men, not re-animated skeletons. However, they do take the form of living skeletons in the 'Jason and the Argonauts' film from 1963, and director Brad Goodchild has admitted to the show drawing references from such films.