Class of the Titans

Season 1 Episode 4

Man's Worst Enemy

Aired Daily 7:00 PM Jan 21, 2006 on TELETOON

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  • This episode was one of the first that I watched. It starts out with Herry, his granny and his grannies dog Pepe. While playing with his dog, Pepe suddenly goes crazy and runs off into the wood. Enter the plot.

    This episode was one of the first that I watched. It starts out with Herry, his granny and his grannies dog Pepe. While playing with his dog, Pepe suddenly goes crazy and runs off into the wood. Enter the plot.

    This was a very good episode. It contained an equal amount of action, humour (as always) and a little romance. You begin to see where some of the relationships between characters are going. And the music is superb.

    It was a really exhilarating episode. It's always interessting to learn new mythology from Class of the Titans, and this episode involving Cerberus, the Underworld and Orpheus was no different. All in all this episode was like a piece of cake. *wink*
  • Something's happening to the dogs in New Olympia! The heros discover that's it's the guard of the Underworld Cerberus, let loose by Cronus! The Titans have to brave the trecharous Underworld, but will they make it back alive?


    I thought this was a very cute episode. It was funny to see big, masculine Herry playing with a cute little dog with a hair bow. This was also a great epsiode for Jay/Theresa lovers. ("You're not jealous, are you Jay?") And it was also clever to see Atlanta and Herry bond over their lack of particular brain power (I'm not saying that they're stupid, I swear it.) Neil and Atlanta also had HILARIOUS lines in tihs episode.

    Atlanta: (after seeing "BEWARRE OF DOG" sign on the inside of the fence) That's just NOT funny!

    Herry: Your turn, Neil! Any plans?
    Neil: Yeah! Don't get in front of him!

    All in all, this wasn't one of my favorite episodes, but it's certainly running a close second!
  • Herry's enjoying a nice afternoon with his granny when all of a sudden, his granny's dog Pepe starts acting strange, growling and running off into the woods. And she's not the only dog thats gone missing-- the titans learn that Cereberus is behind it all.

    This episode was good, and I enjoyed it. Firstly, it shows that sometimes regardless of what other people might think, you have to be honest--- and how did it show that? Well, Theresa plays the lyre but her friends think its lame--- actually, most people do. But in order to save everyone, she has to come out of the closet and play the lyre.

    Of course that, and the fact that this show was just enjoyable. I don't know why, but it seemed like it was mostly action, and it was the first time I've seen the gang not be split up with Archie and Atlanta on the same team--- Archie went with Jay and Theresa. Of course I know Atlanta also goes with Herry, but Archie didn't seem disappointed.

    Anyways overall this episode was good, I liked it, and I'm totally looking forward to more in the future--- and lets just say if I had to watch this episode again as a rerun, I'd still enjoy it just as much as the first time around. That's how you know when an episode is good.
  • All the canines in New Olympia are going crazy! Could it possibly have anything to do with a loose Hellhound? The heroes have their work cut out for them as they attempt to capture the rampant beast before it completely destroys the city.

    In a word, I'd describe this episode as fast-paced and action-oriented. Lots of nice nods to classical mythology-- my favourite was Theresa, Jay, and Archie's trip to the underworld to retrieve Ulysses' lyre and the panaroma of the Elysian fields. Great quality animation, a nicely developed storyline and some humorous lines to boot. Jay fans also get a nice treat as we get a first (although brief) glance at his ancestor, Jason.

    A very entertaining episode. Worth setting up the VCR and taping for later :)
  • Cerebus, guardian of the underworld has broken loose and to control him they need the music of Apollo's lyre. Theresa, Jay and Archie go to retrieve it while the others calm Cerebus with cake. Cronus is waiting to trap the three but they get away.

    I loved this episode mainly becasue you can see sparks starting to fly between Theresa and Jay. They're so sweet and it's especially cute becasue Jay got really jealous when he found out Apollo thought Theresa was his 'beloved'. And it seems that most of the time Jay always puts Theresa in his group and he's there to save her. So cute!
    I thought it was really funny how the others tried to trap Cerebus by luring him with cake, but it didn't work becasue he just dug his way out of it. In all it was awesome!